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Since 2000, we’ve been helping global companies grow, innovate and improve – all through the power of their data. We provide cutting-edge technology services and data-driven solutions that companies trust and control.

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“All the data models that we used to have in the on-prem are now in the cloud, so we can scale and do everything precisely onclick. And because we have the single source of truth data lake, we’re now able to take a step towards data democratization and say to people: you can find all the data here and you don’t need anybody’s help to click on what you need.”
Václav Dorazil, Head of Data, Eurowag
“Together with our strategic partner, Blindspot AI from the Adastra Group, we developed the OPTIKON system to solve our pallet loading challenges. Thanks to the proactive and highly professional approach of Blindspot’s experts, we developed and deployed the algorithms taking into account all our needs and constraints related to loading in a very short time.”
Petr Švarc, Head of AI Competence Centre, ŠKODA AUTO
“We were familiar with Adastra’s reliability and the commitment of their consultants. So we expected them to complete the project within the required timeframe and to the expected quality. And this – to our full satisfaction – was delivered, once again.”
Jiří Mizera, CIO, MONETA Money Bank
“With Adastra’s sales planning platform, our strategic planning is no longer a stressful annual marathon but a sophisticated process firmly grounded in unique data and consistency checks that minimize errors and make preparation as efficient as possible.”
Jan Týřl, Project Manager, ŠKODA AUTO
“The transition of core banking systems is often challenging for banks. We are delighted that Adastra’s team of expert consultants were able to support the entire data migration lifecycle, their commitment to the task has made a hugely positive impact for all stakeholders.”
Evert Vandenbussche, General Manager at KBC Global Services
“Raiffeisenbank successfully acquired Equa Bank and fully integrated it under the Raiffeisenbank brand. Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of the Adastra team, combining the data from the two client bases went smoothly and according to plan. Adastra also ensured continuous regulatory reporting throughout the course of the acquisition. Adastra once again confirmed their professionalism and expertise in data migration and working with data in general. I very much value our partnership and hope it will continue in the future. It is a pleasure to work with such pros.”
Miloš Matula, COO and Member of the Board of Directors of Raiffeisenbank

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Meet the Adastra Group

Adastra is an international consulting company originally founded in the Czech Republic. The Group operates on almost every continent, with representatives in Toronto, London and New York.

We have successfully been connecting the worlds of business and technology development for more than 20 years. The heart of our business consists in acquiring quality data for our clients and then putting it into practical use, always with a clearly measurable result. Our services are used by promising local start-ups as well as large multinational corporations.

Together we are one:

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Our case studies

Pilsner Urquell: Which pallet, stand, or refrigerator sells the most?

  • Achieving an increase in sales on the saturated Czech beer market is an extremely difficult and costly task.
  • After three years of measuring sales from individual POS displays, Pilsner Urquell have declared an end to emotional decision-making and taught the entire company to trust data.  
  • Pilsner Urquell has implemented smart shelves and smart scales from Adastra in 70 stores across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They track everything that influences customers’ buying behavior.  

unique measuring devices in 70 stores across CR and SR

increased sales with optimal pallet placement

pallets can be more efficient than stands

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National Bank of Slovakia Embarks on a Transformative Data Journey

We are thrilled to partner up with Národná banka Slovenska on their mission to become a data-driven organization that can rely on its data....

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Equa Bank clients were fully migrated to Raiffeisenbank in 12 hours

When Equa Bank was being merged into Raiffeisenbank in November 2022, we handled the migration of Equa Bank’s client data into Raiffeisenbank’s CRM system....

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Adastra is helping emerging Bulgarian banking leader in their data migration journey

  We are thrilled to have been selected as the key partner for the strategic Merger & Acquisition program of United Bulgarian Bank a...

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Adastra helped ČSOB Finančná skupina to transfer all of OTP’s clients

We are happy to announce successful completion of the ČSOB-OTP data migration process. Over the last two years, we’ve helped ČSOB Finančná skupina transfer...

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Eurowag built a data lake in the cloud in under a year

Sales, customers and the financial statements for completed acquisitions are immediately integrated into reports to the stock exchange. As soon as a new client...

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Adastra Group’s Revenue Exceeds 5 Billion CZK for the First Time

In 2022, Adastra Group's revenue reached 5.6 billion CZK, marking the first time in the company's history that it surpassed the 5 billion CZK...

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Adastra becomes a strategic partner of Škoda Auto University. Its specialists will teach data management, data science, and artificial intelligence courses

Adastra becomes a long-term strategic partner of Škoda Auto University. Its experts will be involved in teaching data management, data science, and artificial intelligence...

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Effective and Secure Internal Data Handling with Generative AI? Blindspot Solutions Introduces the AskYourData Application

Generative Artificial Intelligence as a corporate virtual assistant utilizing ChatGPT and trained on internal data. Blindspot Solutions, a part of the Adastra Group, is...

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