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Since 2000, we’ve been helping Czech and global companies grow, innovate and improve – all through the power of their data. We provide cutting-edge technology services and data-driven solutions that companies trust and control.

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“Together with our strategic partner, Blindspot AI from the Adastra Group, we developed the OPTIKON system to solve our pallet loading challenges. Thanks to the proactive and highly professional approach of Blindspot’s experts, we developed and deployed the algorithms taking into account all our needs and constraints related to loading in a very short time.”
Petr Švarc, Head of AI Competence Centre, ŠKODA AUTO
“We were familiar with Adastra’s reliability and the commitment of their consultants. So we expected them to complete the project within the required timeframe and to the expected quality. And this – to our full satisfaction – was delivered, once again.”
Jiří Mizera, CIO, MONETA Money Bank
“With Adastra’s sales planning platform, our strategic planning is no longer a stressful annual marathon but a sophisticated process firmly grounded in unique data and consistency checks that minimize errors and make preparation as efficient as possible.”
Jan Týřl, Project Manager, ŠKODA AUTO

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Meet the Adastra Group

Adastra is an international consulting company originally founded in the Czech Republic. The Group operates on almost every continent, with representatives in Toronto, London and New York.

We have successfully been connecting the worlds of business and technology development for more than 20 years. The heart of our business consists in acquiring quality data for our clients and then putting it into practical use, always with a clearly measurable result. Our services are used by promising local start-ups as well as large multinational corporations.

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Our case studies

ŠKODA AUTO: data transfers on analytics platform are comprehensively managed and monitored by Adastra’s Adoki

In 2018-19, Adastra built an on-premise Data Analytics Platform (DAP) at ŠKODA AUTO. Its purpose? To visualize data and use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to perform sophisticated tasks with large volumes of data.

use the solution implemented by Adastra

is the total data storage capacity

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O2 Czech Republic has reduced inefficient duplicate communication with their customers

O2 Czech Republic needed a unified lead management system to serve as a targeted communication platform that would effectively connect a group of leads...

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Automatic categorization od 98.5% of card transactions

With millions of clients conducting millions of operations every day, the bank needed to automatically assign a unique category to every banking transaction (card...

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Just-in-time loan offers: a 10x higher conversion rate

Together with the bank, we used several years’ worth of transaction descriptions and a number of transactions of a specific type to identify a...

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An increase in impressions among the target group: a 10x bigger target group

Online advertisers want to target their campaigns accurately and reach the right audiences. Consequently, online media operators have turned to Adastra to help them...

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Integrating 8 IoT databases and 1 metadatabase to reduce load and save space in the source system

A large automotive company works efficiently with (IoT) sensor data from manufacturing. We have lightened the system load and introduced data retention in the...

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CRM system integration for more complex reports, sensitive data anonymizing

For one large automotive company, we have improved the data quality of customer data, integrated individual CRM modules into a unified data solution, and...

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O2 cut campaign preparation by 90%

Adastra’s unified lead management has helped O2 Czech Republic reduce the time required to prepare sales campaigns to a tenth of what it was.

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The 4 Steps Necessary to an ESG Report, Thanks to Which The Value of Your Internal IT Will Skyrocket

The task seems clear. From the year 2025, certain companies will have to submit non-financial reports monitoring their (un)sustainable behavior. This reporting will not...

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