Parking in Adastra

Garage reservation system for Mississippi House

1. Parking reservation

  • Before visiting Adastra, ask our representative you are in contact with to reserve a parking space.
  • The following information is required to reserve a parking space:
    • the driver’s name and surname
    • date and time of arrival/departure
    • registration number of the car (optional)
    • e-mail address
    • a request to reserve a space with a charging station for electric vehicles
  • You will receive a confirmation of parking in the underground garage from Adastra reception in your e-mail, including a five-digit PIN code for entry, the specific parking space number and the time of booking.


Tel.: (+420) 271 733 303

Adastra, s.r.o.

Mississippi House
Karolinská 706/3
Praha 8 – Karlín
186 00

Enter “Karolinská 706/3” into GPS navigation.

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2. Garage entrance

  • Adastra is located in the Mississippi House building.
  • The entrance to the underground garage is from the main road between Nile House and Amazon Court – next to the entrance to 706/3 Karolinska Street (see map).

3. Parking space

  • When entering the underground parking garage, follow the directions to the parking spaces of the “Mississippi House” building (photo 1).
  • Turn LEFT at the first roundabout in the garage (photo 2).
  • The entrance to the Adastra parking spaces in the Mississippi House is then the first turn RIGHT (photo 3).
  • At the barrier, enter the five-digit PIN code from your reservation e-mail ( on the parking meter’s numeric keypad.
  • The parking meter will issue you with an access card.
  • Visitor parking spaces are marked with large VISITOR signs, you will find your parking space number in your reservation e-mail.
  • With your parking card you then walk up to the lift lobby, attach it to the reader at the lift and select the 7th floor, where the Adastra reception is located.

4. Exit

  • To exit, insert the access card into the parking meter.
  • The barrier will then open and you can exit the building.
  • Thank you for visiting the Adastra offices.

Please note:
parking is only allowed in underground garages with a valid entry permit

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