Here at Acamar, member of Adastra Group, we build teams, technology hubs, and research and development centers for our partners. Our strategy is to diversify the Czech market with software engineers from abroad. We cooperate on global tech projects and support our partners with their growth.

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Smooth Transition

We ensure seamless resettlement of our employees helping them during all stages of adaptation to a new location. Our resettlement specialist will take care of all the paperwork, the processes, policies and bottlenecks for our employees or their family, which allows them to focus on their career as we focus on the resettlement.

Our work continues even after their arrival to Prague. Acamar cares about integration into the local environment and helping establish a new base for our employees and their family.


years in the business


consultants on clients’ projects


consultants stays on the project
after the first 3 months

Why to join us and relocate with us?

ABSL Member

Acamar is a member of the Association of Business Service Leaders ABSL, and a member of a government program for key scientific personnel.

Great Expertise

Acamar has resettled many software engineers including their families to start a new career living in Prague.

Countless Job Opportunities

Our greatest expertise lies in sectors such as banking, engineering, or automotive. We specialize in providing a steady supply of capable programmers, developers, analysts, and Project Managers – at all seniority levels.


We build on major software competencies like Java, .NET, SQL, C++, Embedded, JavaScript frameworks (like React or Angular), Python, DevOps Tools or new cloud tech like AWS or Azure.

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