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There is no better way to learn a complex topic than with an expert trainer in an interactive seminar full of hands-on examples and best practices. This way, you can absorb the expertise that Adastra experts have accumulated throughout years of creating functional data solutions. Furthermore, you can discuss generic or specific issues with expert lecturers and other seminar participants.

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Our team is currently planning workshops to help participants enhance their digital skills and stay updated with the latest advancements in technology.

Advanced Analytics

More than reporting. Discover the benefits your company will gain using advanced analytics.

Big Data from A to Z

What Hadoop components are and how to choose the right component for the problem to be solved.

Data Quality

You will get a comprehensive overview of Data Quality (DQ) and Data Governance (DG), which you can use in your daily work.

IoT in practice

You will find out how your business can benefit from IoT and you will test it in practice.

Dimensional modeling

You get an overall view of dimensional modeling, which you can then use for your work.

Power Designer

PowerDesigner from SAP Sybase is one of the most expanded and powerful CASE tools. Training on practical examples will guide you through the most important information management functionalities.

Campaign Management Fundamentals

You will learn how to prepare, implement and evaluate campaigns. Everything you need to know about campaigns before you prepare them.

Data Governance Fundamentals

What is Data Governance and its main principles. What needs to be done for the effective data management across the organization.

Data warehousing in Cloud

You will get a comprehensive overview of Data Warehousing (DW) in new era of cloud data platforms.

If you are interested in training, please contact us for more information. We can prepare training according to your preferences.



“I´m glad that I participated at Adastra Academy and had the opportunity to gain a lot of knew knowledge. It was extremely useful training for me, especially since I was abe to understand SQL, Python and DWH much better. It´s a good foundation for understanding how it works. The workshops were very interactive.”

Julia Zhuravlova, Consultant

“As a result of attending the Adastra Academy, I was able to land a job as a Test Engineer. While the SQL and Python topics have been the most interesting for me. I´m open and flexible to learning and developing myself in all areas that will present themselves in the future, enabling me to gain other rewarding positions connected with data.”

Natalya Landik, Consultant

Case studies

Data integration & Power BI Reporting support saves hundreds of man-days per year for Philip Morris CZ&SK

In 2019, Philip Morris CZ&SK sought Adastra’s assistance in data analysis, data engineering, and Power BI reporting to streamline data insights for enhanced business development, reducing their involvement in implementation tasks.

files were sorting over manually each month

Power BI reports were redesigned

were newly developed

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Customer experience with apps increased by 22% at DPD

DPD, the European leader in parcel delivery, chose the observability platform Dynatrace to provide accurate data to the business about the performance of their...

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Data management

Adastra´s CRM solution implemented as a support tool for automation and more efficient campaign management at ČSOB

The project’s objective was to enhance campaign management effectiveness through automation and subsequent assessments, with the potential to expand the number of active campaigns.

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Pilsner Urquell: Which pallet, stand, or refrigerator sells the most?

Achieving an increase in sales on the saturated Czech beer market is an extremely difficult and costly task. After three years of measuring sales...

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We stand at the brink of an energy revolution, where solar power evolves into a data-driven business, states Petr Pěcha (Solek)

We are on the brink of an energy revolution. Organizations that succeed are those who can best optimize production and consumption – sending energy...

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Excel Alone Falls Short for Businesses; ESG Digitalization is the Next Step, says Radim Petratur from Adastra

Companies planning their ESG strategies and associated reporting should not overlook the importance of automating and digitizing data in this field. This becomes especially...

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Adastra - Forum, externí zóna

Adastra Czech Republic Announces Integration of adastra.one and Acamar into Its Corporate Structure

Adastra Czech Republic, a leading technology company, is pleased to announce the expansion of its operations through the successful merger of adastra.one and Acamar...

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