Artificial Intelligence

Streamline your planning, management and processes from production and logistics to retail and human resource allocation through to customer service.

Thanks to the strength of our experience and know-how, we can sort through data quickly to identify opportunities and challenges, for which we’ll design and implement the most appropriate solutions for you based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

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Our team of software engineers and experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence have sharpened their skills in companies such as Oracle, Amazon, Facebook and other tech giants. You can choose from a range of off-the-shelf solutions (COTS) that we can tailor to your environment and needs, or we can build you a custom solution from the ground up.

9+ years

We’re continuously deepening our expertise in implementing AI-driven solutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

200+ projects

We have successfully implemented multiple smaller as well as more comprehensive projects for multinational companies and startups around the world.

70+ specialists

Our ranks include graduates from leading universities (Cambridge, Imperial College London, ČVUT, etc.) and experts with experience from progressive corporations and knowledge of Czech and European legislation and corporate environment.

1 year

See a return on investment in AI solutions within a year of implementation.

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Our products and solutions made to measure

We have spent years testing and materializing our know-how into our product solutions that we can quickly and easily implement in your business.

Multi-source solution

works with data from electronic documents, image and video analysis and detection.

A comprehensive approach

that covers not just a technological solution but also a full and complete consulting service and support to help you get the most out of the project.

Less administration

thanks to automated data processing from orders and invoices, error detection and anomaly detection.

Everything in one place

Our solution works on a single platform.

Easier planning

The ideal warehouse setup, truck routes, production, workforce scheduling and container loading.

Better protection

as a result of detecting and predicting anomalies and fraud in financial transactions, customer behavior, and telecoms data.

AskYourData: Your internal AI assistant

Don’t waste time searching for information within your company when you need it. Reliable answers are readily available to you without any searching and within seconds.

Simplify your information retrieval from internal documents and the sharing of internal know-how.

AskYourData operates on the principle of generative intelligence. It draws from the resources you provide, whether they are Word documents, PDFs, or PowerPoint presentations. This way, you always have an overview of the information’s source and can verify it.

You can ask questions in natural language, and comprehensive responses will be promptly provided within a user-friendly chat environment, complete with links to the most relevant data sources within the company.

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  • Instant access to the right information for all your employees.
  • A single platform with access to all the data sources you provide.
  • Accurate answers based on your own data.
  • Securing your sensitive data.
  • Text or voice assistance for employees and/or customers
  • Creating product images and offers
  • Competitive analysis based on data provided by sales representatives
  • Document validation before a merger or acquisition
  • Clear and concise reporting
  • Marketing analysis

OPTIMUS 4.0: Optimize operational planning

The Optimus 4.0 platform enables you to optimize a wide range of operations in a dynamically evolving environment: increase your utilization of human, physical and virtual resources, and ensure cost savings, greater efficiency and the ability to respond quickly to change.

  • Early return on investment after as little as one year
  • A single platform to optimize a wide range of processes and operations
  • Modular architecture that addresses your specific challenges, including company values, business rules, and legal requirements
  • Deployment on premises, in the cloud, or directly into your IT infrastructure
  • Routing and loading optimization for transport vehicles and containers
  • Inter-warehouse transport optimization
  • Packaging optimization and empty space minimization
  • Smart loading sequences
  • Shift and staff scheduling
  • Production optimization
  • CO2 emissions optimization

You can use a pre-prepared extension to tailor the Optimus 4.0 platform to your needs. Or we can build a custom extension just for you.


Use the OptiRoute extension to plan the best routes for your transport vehicles in any area in a matter of moments. See real delivery times and dynamically update routes according to the latest information. You can also streamline inter-warehouse transport, reduce overall transport costs, and make your logistics greener.

Reduce shipping costs by 20% and inter-warehouse transport costs by up to 60%.


The OptiFit extension will enable you to optimize the type of packages you use in order to minimize the empty space ratio and reduce packaging materials. By increasing the capacity of transport vehicles and containers, you will achieve significant savings. At the same time, the system will also give you better load distribution, lowering any risk of damage.

Optimize the empty space ratio and packing materials by more than 30%, thereby reducing packaging costs.


The OptiPlan extension analyzes billions of different options that match your preset criteria, and finds you the best solution for scheduling shifts and assigning tasks to the right people.

The clear visualization allows you and your managers to have everything under control and, in the event of a sudden change, replan the schedule quickly and easily.

More than 100 business rules are ready to use for scheduling staff in complex manufacturing operations.

Custom Opti applications

Streamline scheduling for even the most challenging and complex processes with a bespoke Opti application. In no time at all, you can take all your key factors into account and get the best possible plan for production or allocation. In the event of changes or unexpected events, the whole system can reschedule everything in a flash. You will thus maximize use of your available resources and reduce inefficiencies in time and materials.

Build a plan in minutes rather than days, including the incorporation of sudden changes.

ADF: Detect anomalies quickly and easily even in extensive data

The ADF (Anomaly Detection Framework) platform uses AI algorithms and technology to detect anomalies, suspicious activity and events and unwanted behavior in large and complex data and in real time. This makes possible a wealth of uses in fields such as telco, cybersecurity and manufacturing (for example, to reduce maintenance costs by giving early warnings of deviations from standard operations).

  • Reduction in the time to detect known and new types of anomalies and threats from days to minutes or seconds
  • Detection of hidden risks and unknown trends
  • Adaptability to the development of unusual or fraudulent behavior
  • Reduction in the number of false positives and alerts
  • Process scaling by managing terabytes of data in parallel
  • Anomaly detection in network data
  • Detection of fraud and hidden risks in financial and audit data
  • Improvement in product quality and production line uptime

1. Anomaly detection

The system creates timelines and data clusters from small and large data sets. A rich library of algorithms then searches for significant outliers, which are analyzed and reported.

2. Enterprise and external data

Various data streams from different systems serve as the input source for AI to detect anomalies.

Based on all the available data, new types of anomalous patterns are discovered.

3. Visualization

The detected anomalies are reported and presented in a user-friendly manner that allows further analysis focused exclusively on relevant cases.

4. Continuous improvement

Users can provide feedback, regulate the number of anomalies received, and also teach the system to better distinguish between what is anomalous and what is not.

ML FDS: Use machine learning to protect against fraud

The ML FDS (Machine Learning Fraud Detection System) dynamically detects fraudulent behavior. It will complement your existing lines of defense with machine learning and help you identify new forms of deceit. This is because the system is continuously learning and accounts for increasing levels of sophistication in fraud.

  • Up to 76% increase in fraud detection accuracy
  • Up to 60% reduction in the number of false alarms
  • Early return on investment (within 1 year)
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved customer experience

First line of defense:

A rule-based system

  • Catches fraud primarily on the basis of predefined rules
  • Checks national and external registers and databases
  • Uses blacklists

Second line of defense:

Machine learning (ML FDS)

  • Utilizes data to directly identify new types of fraud, i.e., lets the data speak for themselves
  • Takes a modern approach based on constantly updated ML algorithms
  • Has high predictive accuracy and comprises extensibility for internal and external fraud

Third line of defense:

The anomaly detection platform

  • Establishes high resistance to fraud thanks to a combination of a reverse approach (blacklists, rules) and machine learning, a proactive approach that leverages your data and ML technologies.

MACULA: Analyze video and images to improve security and performance

Get the most out of your video footage with the Macula platform, which can monitor security breaches and other potential risks in real time. It can also be used, however, for business analytics and to track customer satisfaction in your store.

  • Early warnings thanks to real-time parallel data processing
  • Reduction of reaction time to seconds
  • Automated workflows for video processing
  • Space for decision-making and to maintain manual control


  • people detection and counting
  • zone occupancy
  • heatmap creation


  • distance management
  • detection of suspicious behavior or unattended luggage
  • detection of unusual bodily activity or collapse/injury
  • fire and smoke detection
  • monitoring compliance with health and hygiene regulations

1. Anomaly detection

You can choose from a wide range of detectors that specialize in different types of behavior and environment. Consequently, you will only be alerted to the kinds of events that are relevant to you. 

2. Visualisation

You will see all required alerts within the video streams provided. In addition, a clear visual interface will show you all detected events and alerts so you can manage them efficiently.

3. Integration

We can connect directly to your video streams using your existing cameras, or we will provide you with compatible hardware.

4. Implementation

The platform can be integrated with a variety of systems through extensive APIs. It can be deployed in the cloud or on premises.

AI will boost productivity and quality without reducing jobs, says Ondřej Vaněk from Blindspot Solutions

“By creating more or the same quantity of higher-quality things, businesses can propel forward,” states Ondřej Vaněk, CEO of Blindspot Solutions. AI is poised to enhance productivity without necessitating a reduction in workforce numbers. However, companies must first tailor their employee requirements and decide whether to invest in training and developing internal AI-specialized teams or to hire external experts, who may offer more efficiency for certain types of projects.

  • Which types of work activities can AI truly replace?
  • How can AI specifically enhance the quality of performance?
  • Why might it be better for a company to hire external experts?
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