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Banks and financial institutions have relied on us for more than a quarter of a century

We help them with their technology and business challenges. From building modern data platforms (on-premise, cloud, and hybrid), data quality and governance, reporting, mobile and web banking applications, to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.


largest Czech banks cooperate with Adastra

350+ consultants

specialized in banking/finance in the Czech Republic

25+ years

experience in working with data in banking and financial services

Focus on the financial business and leave the technology to us

Target the needs of today's and tomorrow's customers. From communications to user applications.

communicate with clients in a consistent and personalized manner

provide the same service in branches and online

enable clients to use applications intuitively

We provide complete data and IT services for banks and financial institutions

Integrate big data systems with many different sources.

Data platforms for banks: cloud, on-premise, hybrid

Streamline and modernize your bank’s IT ecosystem. From architecture to infrastructure to individual systems.
Simplify and consolidate, reduce the number of IT systems you run as a bank.

Start using modern banking data platforms:

  • banking data lakes
  • bank data warehouses (eDWH)
  • Pre-built data warehouses for banks 
  • on-premise, cloud, hybrid

Re-design your data architecture at the enterprise level.

Start developing and effectively leveraging and integrating third-party tools using APIs.

Interested in how we work with cloud platforms and big data?

Big data best practices
Cloud best practices
“In Northern Europe, you have access to specific data. But in general people have no problem sharing data because they see the advantage of a simple service. The whole Nordic-Baltic region sees this as increasing competitiveness and the availability of better services in the market. They believe that a service-based economy is better than a product-based economy, or even more efficient in general.”
Ondřej Šmakal, CEO fintech company Orka Ventures

Listen to the podcast with David Kozelka, whose division was involved in building a European digital bank. Find out how such a build went, at what cost, and what clients it targets.

Digital banks

Digitise banking services from the ground up and build a new bank: 

Enable customers to use cloud-based banking applications and leverage application services that make it easier and faster to process their banking transactions and other requests.

Anytime, outside of standard business hours. And from anywhere.

Need to develop a customized software solution?


Databases for reporting and regulatory reporting

Consolidate data for regulatory reporting for the Czech Republic and the EU.

Work with a single version of the truth in internal and regulatory reporting – trustworthy, transparent, and reliable.

  • according to Czech legislation
  • according to European Union (EU) regulations

Migrate and consolidate data in merger and acquisition processes of banks and financial institutions.

Take inspiration from our project for Raiffeisenbank

Raiffeisenbank had to report as a single entity from January 2022 after the merger with Equa Bank.

Adastra ensured the unification of regulatory reporting for the Czech Republic and the EU for one of the largest domestic banks (among others).

“Raiffeisenbank has successfully acquired Equa Bank and fully integrated it under its brand. Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of the Adastra team, the data connection of the client bases went smoothly and according to plan. Adastra also ensured continuous regulatory reporting during the acquisition. Adastra once again confirmed its professionalism and expertise in data migrations and working with data in general. I very much value our partnership and hope it will continue in the future. It is a pleasure to work with the pros.”
Miloš Matula, Member of the Board of Directors of Raiffeisenbank responsible for Operations

Data layer under mobile and banking applications

Integrate data from many different data sources.

Efficiently and securely transfer data from different types of source systems to many types of output systems and back (internal, external, open-data, etc.).

Configure, optimize, and redesign data processes where appropriate, and define data flows in enterprise terms.

Do you need to ensure all data transfers back and forth – automatically?

Take a look at Adoki – Data Integration Platform. You can also try a free demo.

Data Integration Platform Adoki

Analysis of banking and financial data

Analyse banking data from predictions to risk.

Work with transactional data, mobile app data, third-party app data, open data, etc.

Start labeling transaction data from card and non-card transactions for e-banking and m-banking.
Anonymize data according to GDPR for advanced analytics tasks, data science, regulatory reporting, etc.

Work analytically with banking data (predictive analytics, anomaly detection, geolocation analytics, risk analysis).

What can well-structured and analyzed data help banks with? We talked to Vanda Gomolčáková (KB) about how to digitize banks effectively.

Categorize banking data with Categoo

“There is a gap between the world of data and the world of business. Business people can understand clients better than data people, but they often have no idea where the data is and what can be done with it.”

Vanda Gomolčáková, Komerční banka

Simplify and consolidate strategic financial planning processes

Explore our other data and IT services for banks and financial institutions.

Disclosure management

Eliminate manual processes and save time when preparing financial statements, reports, presentations, and annual reports with disclosure management.


Data analytics

Streamline your controlling processes by using modern forecasting and planning tools.



Get the information you need to make informed decisions that respect sustainability values.


Case studies

National Bank of Slovakia Embarks on a Transformative Data Journey

We are thrilled to partner up with Národná banka Slovenska on their mission to become a data-driven organization that can rely on its data. Our strategic data management partnership will provide NBS with effective data engineering automation solutions. For example, we will build a data warehouse and data lake where data reports are created right in the data platform rather than outside it, using AI as a key tool. This strategy is inspired by the big data approach and data management practices that we have previously applied in our tendering experience with ECB. We believe that such a partnership is not only achievable but also hugely beneficial and transformative.

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Equa Bank clients were fully migrated to Raiffeisenbank in 12 hours

When Equa Bank was being merged into Raiffeisenbank in November 2022, we handled the migration of Equa Bank’s client data into Raiffeisenbank’s CRM system....

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Adastra is helping emerging Bulgarian banking leader in their data migration journey

  We are thrilled to have been selected as the key partner for the strategic Merger & Acquisition program of United Bulgarian Bank a...

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Adastra helped ČSOB Finančná skupina to transfer all of OTP’s clients

We are happy to announce successful completion of the ČSOB-OTP data migration process. Over the last two years, we’ve helped ČSOB Finančná skupina transfer...

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