11 reasons why our customers chose FinReCo

Do you want to get rid of the "excel hell" and the constant arguing about whether a particular KPI is the same as a colleague in another country? Then consider getting a new system for financial reporting and controlling.

A similar situation has been and is being addressed by a number of corporations, holding companies or companies with dozens of subsidiaries or sister companies, whether in Europe or around the world.

We are among those who rely on FinReCo: Adastra Group represents 8 different companies operating in 21 offices around the world.

And why FinReCo? That’s what our clients say…

  1. Seamless integration with ERP, but also with CRM, production system, billing, etc.
  2. Real-time reporting – accountants charge, controllers validate, you report
  3. Fully automated management scorecard (not only) including KPIs and their breakdowns
  4. Automated reporting of cash flow, aging of receivables, financial instruments, detailed profitability
  5. Incorporation of plans and forecasts into management reporting
  6. Comprehensive and fast management of the reporting structure
  7. Controlled reporting process, i.e. everyone knows when the reporting is opened, when they have to deliver their inputs to it, how the integration was done, there is a clear responsibility for the data
  8. Transparent holding inter – company transactions, at the necessary levels are self-eliminating and do not distort holding financial statements
  9. Use of standard reporting tools (on-premise or in the cloud), outputs are automatically exported to presentations and annual reports
  10. Immutable/locked numbers in reports
  11. Single version of the truth across the entire company – same numbers only in different breakdowns, for financial management, sales and marketing purposes

Ozvěte se nám, pokud jste se ocitli v podobné situaci jako naši zákazníci. Společně ji zanalyzujeme a probereme, zda byste také mohli začít těžit z výhod FinReCa.