Adastra becomes a partner of Innovatrics, a leader in biometrics

From January, international consulting company Adastra is one of Innovatrics’ partners for implementation. For 15 years, Innovatrics has already been working at the highest level in the field of biometric technologies focused on identification and identity verification. Adastra will implement the Innovatrics solution on its platform for digital onboarding, as a result of which it will meet the most demanding requirements for biometric measurements and security.

Using digital onboarding, Adastra’s customers can acquire new clients “remotely”, i.e. the new client no longer needs to visit a branch in person in order to verify their identity when signing a contract. Everything is handled via mobile app, where the customer takes a photograph of his or her ID or other form of identification and attaches a selfie.

Adastra’s portfolio for digital onboarding will now include cutting-edge Innovatrics tools. Innovatrics can recognize most proofs of ID (including those that use non-Latin scripts), identify necessary personal details and automatically translate them into digital forms. Combined with accurate facial recognition, these tools can also verify customers’ identity.

“Innovatrics’ solution fits our portfolio for digital onboarding perfectly. Thanks to the fact that it can work with proofs of ID from almost all over the world, and its solutions win global competitions in the field of biometrics, it opens the door for us to enter other foreign markets,” says Jan Pacovský, digital onboarding expert at Adastra.

Adastra first implemented digital onboarding four years ago for a client in Asia, through whom over 20 million people now use it. It allowed the customer to complete applications 1.5 times faster and cross-sell 3 times more effectively. In the Czech Republic, it is already being used by several banks and financial institutions, telecoms operators, and gas and electricity suppliers.