Adastra is coming with help for small business owners. It will offer them a free e-shop platform

Sales digitisation experts from Adastra are coming with support for small and medium-sized businesses. The newly created platform enables every seller to create a simple e-shop in which they can offer their goods and services. In this way, Adastra is responding to the crisis connected with the coronavirus, and is offering this service free of charge.

The main goal of the project is the free interconnection of small and medium-sized businesses and their customers. “In the first phase, we want to help traders manage the situation during and immediately after the crisis period by offering support which leads to greater demand for their products and services. In this way, businesses can sell more securely in practice, plan their resources more efficiently, build loyalty with existing customers and acquire new clients, “explains Standa Dvořák, CEO of and author of the idea behind the project.

The target group of the platform is small businesses and traders from the ranks of restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, smaller mixed goods shops (convenience stores), hair salons, garden centres, building supplies outlets and toy shops, but also smaller clothes shops, florists, confectioners, service providers, sports equipment outlets, aquarium supplies shops, wine retailers and others. The platform will also be suitable for self-employed persons who offer their goods from home (for example cake bakers etc.). also offers advantages to customers. Thanks to digitisation, Adastra maximises the contactless handover of goods, thus accommodating the increased demand for this type of purchasing process. The project will offer the customer the option of planning the date and time of collection of the goods according to their own preferences. This eliminates possible contact with other people, or waiting for the goods to be dispensed. “What’s more, customers will have at their disposal a well-arranged database of local traders and their products, all in one place, “Standa Dvořák describes the other benefits

How does it all work?

Registering on the platform and setting up their own e-shop will take the seller just a few minutes. First they enter their own business, then assign to it a list of the goods they offer, and finally enter their availability for collection. “The customer will then be able to make a purchase from the seller, choose and date and time for the goods to be dispensed, and pay the trader directly upon collection. We’re also expecting a payment gate to be integrated soon, so that customer can pay online, “says Ivo Mareček, Adastra’s Marketing Director.

At present, functions as a web service. Mobile applications for Android and iOS will be added to it within the next few days. “Although we’re aware that hundreds of great ideas exist at the moment regarding how to help during the coronavirus crisis, we believe that small entrepreneurs will appreciate the opportunity to bridge a complicated period, which could be fatal for them in terms of the survival of their business, “adds Ivo Mareček from Adastra.