Adastra Group’s Revenue Exceeds 5 Billion CZK for the First Time

In 2022, Adastra Group's revenue reached 5.6 billion CZK, marking the first time in the company's history that it surpassed the 5 billion CZK threshold, representing a year-over-year growth of 29%. The most significant growth occurred in the areas of cloud data platforms and artificial intelligence. Interest is also increasing in IoT and continuous ESG data collection.

“I consider the record-breaking revenue a huge success, especially given that the group exited the Russian market in February of the previous year,” says Pavel Kysela, CEO of Adastra CZ. “We’ve significantly focused more on strategic markets in Canada and Germany, where we have a long-standing presence, and in the USA where we are experiencing rapid growth. In the Czech Republic, customer interest in cloud projects and the Internet of Things increased by up to 30%.”

Cloud on the Rise: A Year of Data Platforms

In traditional data disciplines last year, the cloud significantly asserted itself, with a focus on building cloud or hybrid data platforms. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Consequently, Adastra has initiated or strengthened partnerships with leading technology players like Amazon, Microsoft, Cloudera, Databricks, Google, Dynatrace, Keboola, Kubernetes, Oracle, Snowflake, and others.

However, Adastra hasn’t abandoned the on-premise environment, which remains essential for many clients with specific needs. “I’m pleased that, with our enhanced cloud competencies and partnerships, we can now assist clients with virtually any data platform scenario. We can work with technologies that the customer already has and find the optimal solution for everyone,” states Pavel Kysela.

Adastra continues to focus on developing custom applications and mobile apps, and proprietary solutions for data automation and optimization. Examples of such solutions include tools like Adoki, which aids in data transfer automation, and MetaCroc, which significantly eases data warehouse construction. 

New Challenges: Generative AI and Continuous ESG Data Collection

In the realm of innovative solutions, Adastra is focused on the practical use of artificial intelligence, especially in areas like optimization, prediction, anomaly detection, and now, generative AI and ChatGPT in a corporate setting.

A new focus is ESG reporting based on continuous data collection. “Digitizing sustainability and socially responsible corporate strategies aid clients in business. At the same time, it’s a crucial step that all larger firms and corporations will have to take. Our goal is not only to help clients with mandatory reports but primarily to leverage data and modern technologies to operate more efficiently while being environmentally friendly,” explains Pavel Kysela.

There’s also continued momentum in activities related to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, which predominantly target retail, manufacturing, automotive, and logistics sectors.

New clients of the Adastra Group in the Czech Republic include Valeo, GasNet, ŠKO-ENERGO, Komerční pojišťovna, Prague Stock Exchange, Amundi, DPD, Geco, and others, utilizing a broad spectrum of services, competencies, and expertise provided by our consultants.


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