Adastra has a new Marketing Director: Ivo Mareček

Ivo Mareček, who has previously worked for T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom, among others, has joined Adastra as the company’s new marketing director. His task is primarily to reposition Adastra as a leader in digitalization and to strengthen digital communications.

Adastra’s new marketing director, Ivo Mareček, has come to the company with 10 years of experience in online marketing for, among others, T-Mobile (almost 6 years) and Deutsche Telekom (just short of 4 years).

At Czech T-Mobile, he was responsible for brand strategy and digital marketing communications, including social media. Then, at Deutsche Telekom, he was in charge of a pan-European innovation platform for digital communications with an emphasis on customer experience.

Under his leadership, T-Mobile’s Facebook page received two awards: in 2014, for best corporate Czech Facebook page and, in 2013, for best social media marketing.

The main task of Adastra’s new marketing director will be to strengthen communications across digital channels, and to build awareness of Adastra as a leader in corporate digitalization.

“Ivo’s priority will be to set up and implement a new marketing and communications strategy. We want Adastra to be the number 1 choice for businesses that have decided to embark on a digital transformation,” says Pavel Kysela, Adastra CEO.

Ivo Mareček graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University, with a four-month internship at the University of Victoria in Canada. His greatest interest is travel.