Adastra introduces a revolutionary reporting tool with Artificial Intelligence to the Czech Republic

International consulting company Adastra has partnered with US-based ThoughtSpot for the CEE region. Consequently, thanks to Adastra, it is not only the Czech market that will benefit from a quick and easy-to-use reporting tool with Artificial Intelligence that can also be fully utilized by people who do not have any knowledge of IT. The combination of natural language searches with Artificial Intelligence opens new possibilities for companies and will radically alter the way they work.

ThoughtSpot is a new-generation tool that creates reports in real time. While companies nowadays gather more and more data, they are able to extract less and less information as analysts become overloaded. ThoughtSpot is a simple and, thus, ideal solution for laypeople as well as data analysts, who can use it to ease their workload.

Almost any company employee can use the digital platform at the push of a button. It analyzes company data and displays the requested information, eliminating the need to ask the IT department to create reports. Users can inquire about company data in the same way as they ask Google everyday questions. Adastra plans to offer the tool to all the sectors in which the firm operates.

“Companies need to analyze increasingly large volumes of data but lack qualified analysts. Because ThoughtSpot can also be used by someone without a technical background, companies can now analyze their data and respond flexibly in business without having to wait for an overloaded IT department,” says Michal Kratochvíl, Division Director at Adastra Czech.

Gartner has named ThoughtSpot a Leader in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms. ThoughtSpot is used by giants such as the American retailer Walmart and car manufacturer Daimler, Société Générale, AXA, the Royal Bank of Scotland and National Australia Bank from the financial and insurance sector, and telecoms operator Vodafone.

“ThoughtSpot makes it easy for employees at any level to set out questions as they are accustomed to doing with other search engines, and then to edit or expand those questions. As a result, they can get detailed information on the go. Furthermore, if someone doesn’t know what to ask, that’s where Artificial Intelligence comes in. Its task is to automatically analyze the dataset with which the user is working, detect any anomalies and points of interest in the data, and provide results in a format that the user understands,” explains Jan Bednář, Adastra’s specialist in AI-driven analytics.

ThoughtSpot in a nutshell

Benefits for business

  • Easy to use – anyone can analyze data and build themselves a dashboard in a matter of seconds.
  • No waiting time – a graphic representation of the information is available immediately; just ask the search engine.
  • Helpful search prompts – dynamic suggestions during a search always help the user specify the query.

Benefits for data analysts

  • Easier work – no more backlogs → more time for strategic work with the data. 
  • Real-time calculations – accurate and immediate calculations at any level in real time.