Adastra makes AI systems trustworthy by providing eXplainable AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has achieved growing momentum around many sectors to deal with the increased complexity, scalability, and automation. The increased surge in the complexity and sophistication of AI-powered systems has evolved to such an extent that we do not truly understand the complex mechanism by which AI systems work and make certain decisions.

The lack of transparency and explanation behind why an AI system makes a certain decision has caused a challenge for leaders within organizations to trust its accuracy and reliability. An increasing number of global industries are being outperformed by AI algorithms, resulting in risk minimization and cost-saving. The black boxes can result in AI adoption being hindered, resulting in a growing level of complexity in AI methods continuing to increase the need for interpretability, transparency, understandability, and explainability.

Our article serves as a guide in understanding the vital technology that is XAI. As many organizations struggle to trust AI systems, Adastra provides our strategies to make your AI systems create the value you expect.