Blindspot is bringing out an intelligent shift-planning platform. It minimises the risk of coronavirus infection

Blindspot Solutions, a member of Adastra Group, is releasing a service scheduling and shift planning aid. The smart platform Schedulee minimises the risk of employees becoming infected during the changing of shifts and work teams in industrial enterprises, banking institutions and restaurants, to which employees will now return after quarantine measures end.

The Schedulee platform, which Blindspot Solutions is releasing, optimises logistic shift planning. “In recent weeks, many companies and institutions have been encountering a logistical problem in terms of how to appropriately plan employees’ shifts to minimise the risk of coronavirus infection. But it’s not just about dividing people into groups. You have to combine many factors, such as for example legislative norms, individual professions’ specifics, system functionality, costs and efficiency, “explains Blindspot Solutions co-founder and CEO Ondřej Vaněk.

The platform is suitable not only for large industrial enterprises and banking institutions, but also for medical facilities. “In hospitals, for example, doctors and nurses have to be divided into shifts. You have to have a good system to ensure that employees don’t meet one another. At the same time, you know that during every shift you need an anaesthesiologist, of whom there are fewer than the groups. You’re also working with legislative norms and the Labour Code. Moreover, every operation has its own specifics, “says Ondřej Vaněk.

Shift planning in itself is extremely exacting. All the more when taking into consideration Labour Code restrictions, employees in quarantine or on sick leave, and demands for the necessary specialisations in the teams. Schedulee speeds up the entire process significantly. “What’s more, the technology minimises the error rate, which is typical for humans, and at the same time can optimise the entire process with the business plan, internal regulations and resources which the company has at its disposal,” Ivo Mareček, Adastra’s Marketing Director, describes the platform’s benefits.

The platform can be put into operation within days. It’s suitable for both small operations involving several dozen people and upwards, and large companies with thousands of employees. Its great advantage is the ability to respond quickly, for example in situations where the employee falls ill or stay at home with the children. “Schedulee is able react very quickly, and replan the schedule immediately, “adds Ondřej Vaněk of Blindspot Solutions.