Digital retail: Artificial intelligence gives clues, sensors reveal…

In the fictitious model store, which was shown at the online conference Envision Forum by representatives of the domestic branches of Microsoft and technology consulting company Accenture, digital concepts for retail from Adastra were not missing.

A shop in a shopping centre is lured into a store by an advertising display in the window. It shows him the goods that he might like. Smart sensors have already picked up the customer’s age and gender and tailored the ad accordingly.

In another case, a person may be attracted to make a purchase by a retailer’s mobile loyalty card. This will alert him via mobile phone to current discounts on goods when he is near the store. When the customer then enters the store, an augmented reality app guides them to the products on sale via the phone’s display.

In addition, when the mobile phone camera is pointed at the product, the system can display additional information about the origin of the product or its nutritional values.

Systems that track people’s movements around the store using sensors and cameras are also commonly used. “Not only stores, but also manufacturers and suppliers want to measure whether their goods are selling better at the entrance, at the vegetable section or even at the bakery section,” says Petr Blabla, head of the digital retail division of Adastra, which supplies these systems to supermarkets.

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