FinReCo and its 6 technological advantages

Paperwork is long overdue. Digitalisation is the only way. In all manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies, in services, in commerce and in agriculture.

Are you looking for a trustworthy tool for financial and management reporting and controlling? Meet FinReCo, a sophisticated solution to support financial data management and analysis. You’ll gain the following technology benefits:

  1. High quality and reliable automated processes and workflows
  2. Unified metadata applicable to business areas other than finance
  3. Controlled access to information and reports
  4. Ability to easily extend set KPIs with additional ones (indicators and comparisons)
  5. Clear data visualisation
  6. Standard IT technologies that can be easily integrated into your IT ecosystem or architecture, without the need to purchase new hardware

We have set up or optimised financial management and controlling processes for a number of our customers. The emphasis was on speed, automation and reliability.