From Czechia to Philippines: no pandemic can stop us

Even if there is global pandemic and borders are closed, this doesn’t keep the ABC team away from business. We want to share with you a success story, where we completely remotely implemented a collections project. Within 10 weeks, we managed to implement 3 parallel running projects for one of our customers in Philippines.

Background of the situation: one of the leading banks in Philippines, earlier this year went through a diagnosis of their collections department together with us. During that period, while in Manila, we identified several areas of improvement and boost in collections.

The plan was to:

  • Design and implement the new organizational structure for collections department (previously productbased organization);
  • Develop and implement of a phone number management tool for a better phone number management, storage and dialing experience;
  • External agencies management reshuffle, by reducing the number of EXAs and implementing a competitionbased performance monitoring and their renewal.

We believe that there are few key factors that led to a great implementation project remotely. And some of them are:

  • Full support and involvement from management level
  • Clear expectation setup and early communication of any delay or deviation from the plan
  • Local person/team (from customer side) fully involved and trained for further continuation
  • Constant track and monitoring of the progress.

Truly, we are thankful to our Philippine customer that trusted and accepted the ride with us. Same time, hats off to the ABC team, who during the project period performed at their best even if there was a difference of 6 hours.

If your company/bank/institution is looking for a consulting team to partner with during these unpreceded times, drop us a message. We will gladly share our experience.