An intelligent platform from Blindspot Solutions will aid compliance with hygiene regulations when operations reopen

Blindspot Solutions, member of Adastra Group, is releasing a platform for the smart control of compliance with the current restrictions in both open and enclosed spaces. The intelligent platform can detect a failure to maintain a two-metre gap between persons, as well as groupings of people, and can also control compliance with the restricted capacity of enclosed spaces and shops. It will catch potential hazards in the workplace in good time, and draw attention to persons with inadequately covered airways.

The platform, which is being developed by artificial intelligence and machine learning experts from Blindspot Solutions, will help shops and other establishments to open safely after the partial relaxation of the measures connected with the coronavirus. It’s suitable for large industrial operations, shops, restaurants and office buildings, where clients can connect it to existing camera systems or install it separately. The intelligent platform is designed primarily for the area of safety. It can detect people’s movement and behaviour. “With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, we adapted the technology to new scenarios. We modified it so that it can help large operations and stores comply with hygiene requirements, “explains Blindspot Solutions co-founder and CEO Ondřej Vaněk.

The smart platform can function in various settings. It can monitor the store’s entrance and entire area in real time, and in addition to hygienic distancing it can also distinguish persons with inadequately covered mouths. “There is no police officer standing at the machine who would automatically punish offenders. But for example it’s possible to connect the software at the store’s entrance, and if it detects a person without a protective mask, a red light comes on, accompanied by an audio signal. We expect that people will think about wearing masks themselves. It’s the same case as with a radar which measures the speed of cars driving through a village. Where it shows cars’ actual speed, people automatically drive more slowly and carefully, “says Ondřej Vaněk.

The software does not store photographs or any other data. “Every company must act in accordance with personal data protection principles. The ideal solution is to place the camera at the entrance, where the government-issue protective equipment is also located. The platform does not store any data, and does not try to identify individual persons in any way,” explains Ondřej Vaněk.

The system has a very wide range of use. “In normal operations, the smart platform will also draw attention to someone who fell, fainted or suffered an injury. In retail outlets, it can help monitor if there are unnecessary queues forming at certain goods or issue counters. It also helps with occupational safety and health, and can warn of a fire. In banks, it can expose abnormal client behaviour in good time. If you connect a thermal camera to the platform, it can also measure body temperature, “ Ivo Mareček, Adastra’s Marketing Director, describes the platform’s benefits.

During the pandemic period, Blindspot Solutions will provide the software licence free of charge. The cost of acquiring the hardware – the so-called Macula Box, with a web camera – will be in the order of thousands of crowns. “We strive to make the product accessible to the widest possible group of operations, industrial enterprises, stores and large shopping centres, “adds Ondřej Vaněk of Blindspot Solutions.