Last year, the Adastra Group’s revenues exceeded 3.8 billion Czech crowns. The Adastra Group in the Czech Republic grew by more than a quarter

In 2019, the international consulting company Adastra Group recorded revenues of more than 3.8 billion Czech crowns (USD 166.9 million, EUR 148.9 million). This was a nine per cent increase over 2018. In the last calendar year, the Adastra Group in the Czech Republic grew in revenue by 28 percent.

The international consulting corporation Adastra Group, which has more than two thousand consultants worldwide, recorded revenues of 3.824 billion Czech crowns (USD 166.9 million, EUR 148.9 million) last year. This was a nine per cent increase over the previous calendar year. “Czech Adastra contributed significantly to the company’s total growth. Adastra CR’s revenue increased by 28 per cent in the calendar year 2019, which is even 5 percentage points more than in the previous period,” explains Pavel Kysela, CEO of Adastra Czech Republic.

The year 2019 is marked by successful implementations

In 2019, Czech Adastra launched new platforms in the sphere of digital transformation. These included a TASP platform, based on artificial intelligence, to optimize manufacturing and logistics operations. Meanwhile, in the telecommunications sector, the company used artificial intelligence to develop solutions to detect fraud.

“We have started to offer clients in the logistics field so-called smart warehouses built on technologies from the Internet of Things. These solutions optimize stocking goods and moving them around the warehouse or logistics area, including monitoring the load capacity of forklifts,” describes Pavel Kysela. According to Kysela, the combination of IoT (Internet of Things) with video analytics increases occupational safety. It evaluates, for example, what is happening in the area monitored by the camera, and alerts staff to security risks.

Adastra CR also prepared some innovations for banking and financial institutions, insurance companies and telecommunications operators. Adastra’s digital onboarding system makes it possible to enter into a contractual relationship with a client within a few minutes without requiring in-person contact or a visit to a branch.

Personalized videos, which can effectively replace offers of goods and services that were previously sent by e-mail or communicated by telephone, have also generated a lot of interest. The new solution provides up to a fourfold increase in conversions over traditional methods. It helps brands build a more intense and personal relationship with clients and increases customer loyalty.

For Adastra, innovations with regard to digital transformations are a natural extension of the company’s traditional competencies in the field of data processing and data integration.

One of last year’s most significant projects was the completion of a new data warehouse for the Kooperativa and ČPP insurance companies. In addition, Adastra Czech Republic acquired new customers, including, for example, Philip Morris Czech Republic, APS Holding, ING Bank N.V., the Kurdistan Pipeline Company, Zenoo, Telekom Srbija and Telenor in Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. “In 2019, the Czech branch worked for more than 160 clients from all over the world. The number of our customers has increased by 10 per cent,” says Pavel Kysela, adding, “We are also proud of a member of our group, Blindspot Solutions, which acts as a competency center for artificial intelligence. Last year, they received the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award for being the third fastest-growing company in Central Europe.”

In 2019, Adastra continued to invest in developing its own products and solutions, many of which will be launched in the course of 2020.