Meet our team: Adam, Solution Architect

Today we are excited to introduce you to Adam, our Solution Architect. Over the last 12 years, Adam has become a firm staple of our team. As one would expect, he’s been able to try out a number of different positions during this time, working with various teams on dynamic banking projects. With that being said, it is this very richness of his experiences, combined with our people, that keep Adam on his toes and dedicated to the cause.

Adam, when did you first join Adastra?

It will be 12 years soon, I joined in January 2011. Exactly on the date of my birthday.

Can you tell us a little bit about your career background before joining us?

I worked for another database/consultancy company on a part-time basis during my university studies.

What do you do at Adastra? Can you share some details about your position, team and current projects?

“It depends” is probably the most appropriate answer that comes to mind. During the years I switched, tried and tested plenty of projects and customers in various positions with various responsibilities. However right now I’m working for an innovative Slovak bank, leading a small team of very talented people in an effort to perform successful data migration from legacy corebanking systems to all-new cloud-based architecture. If you had a look at my computer right now, you’d probably see that the applications I have open include the likes of Enterprise Studio (to capture and update the overall architecture of the solution), SQL tools for database querying and occasional implementation, Postman for testing our APIs, JIRA for project coordination between different teams and almighty Excel for everything else. So different work each and every day.

What do you like the most about Adastra and being Adastran?

I’d say it’s the selflessness of the people I work with. No matter what the problem is, I can always approach my colleagues and get help with whatever problem I’m currently dealing with. And vice versa. This is not something that we have defined formally, this really is something that I consider to be an inherent part of our culture.

What do you think are the key pillars of Adastra?

The selflessness, tireless striving for the highest quality and the no-bullshit environment (between colleagues, between employees and management, as well as between Adastrans and our clients).

How do you remember your first years at Adastra?

Thrown in the deep end… and being given just enough help so I wouldn’t drown, whilst maximising my learning potential at the same time. 

Why you would recommend Adastra to others?

The fact that I’ve been here for almost 12 years, during which I had the opportunity to work for (almost) all Slovak banks, (almost) all Slovak telcos amongst others, speaks for itself.

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