Meet our team: Martin, Adastra Business Analyst

Today we are introducing Martin, our business analyst. Martin, who has been with us on and off since 2008, has witnessed the rapid transformation and growth of Adastra over the years. Read on to find out what Martin has to say about his early Adastran years and the reasons he just loves coming back to the Slovak office.

When did you join Adastra?

I first joined Adastra in 2008 as an employee. After that I had 2 long-term periods as a contractor, the last one has been ongoing since 2020. I am constantly impressed how every time I come back, Adastra seems to have moved forward not only in terms of the count of its employees, but also in the quality of the company.

What was your career background before joining us?

I studied in Zilina at the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics. After that I worked for Accenture Slovakia as a programmer/analyst – application development/integration project in Telco.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest projects at Adastra?

Currently I am working on an LDD (local data delivery) project for Erstebank Austria as a business analyst. The project is covering the monthly BI processing of all Austrian entities/daughter companies, within Erste Group. We support smooth BI processing in the first half of the month for the previous month. I am then able to focus on data quality improvements, automation/optimization and documentation of existing processes, as well as testing support of new releases.

What do you like the most about being Adastran?

Most of all, I love the people who work at Adastra. From my experience working for other companies, you will usually meet some great people, some average ones and then you have those who are a bit more challenging to get on or work with. In Adastra, there is a significantly higher proportion of amazing, inspiring people who are always ready to help each other, go the extra mile to meet our clients’ needs and help them do their business better.

What do you think are the main pillars of Adastra?

People, knowledge, thirst for innovation and permanent self-development.

How would you describe your first months at Adastra?

I would probably say it was really dynamic and fast-paced. On my first day, I received a laptop and a general company introduction. On a second day, I was thrown into the deep end, familiarsing myself with my first project and attending a client site. I learned a lot from the very first moments, and the learning curve just keeps going up with every new project!

Why you would recommend Adastra to others?

There are countless opportunities to learn a lot of new things, meet great people and use your skills and experience in a variety of projects.

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