Meet our team: Martin, DWH/BI Developer

Today we are excited to introduce you to Martin, our DWH/BI Developer. A keen hiker and mountain lover, Martin shares his take on the first months with the company and what he appreciates about being part of it, his background as well as his current project covering regulatory reporting. Read more about Martin' steps at Adastra.

How long have you been at Adastra?

I joined Adastra at the start of 2021, so this is my third year since I’ve come on board.

What was your career background before joining us?

I was responsible for delivering online scoring systems for a company outside the banking sector, in the Czech Republic. In order to evaluate and set up new strategies, we were implementing local DataMart solutions with ETL and building online reports on reporting services.

What do you currently do at Adastra? Could you tell us about your team and recent projects?

Currently I am assigned to the project in CSOB which covers regulatory reporting. I am responsible for release management such as staging items into GIT, running dirty and validation cycles by Jenkins, testing and investigating logs in Linux to understand the root cause whenever something fails. The position is a great opportunity to improve my skills in a variety of IT areas.

How would you describe your first months at Adastra?

I was very pleasantly surprised with my first days at Adastra as everything was managed online, from the hiring process to getting and working on a project.

What do you like the most about Adastra?

I am impressed by its professional approach. Whenever there is a problem, there is always somebody to either help you or navigate you to someone who might be able to help.

Why you would recommend Adastra to others?

Adastra gives ample opportunities for both professional and personal development, as you work on very interesting projects with great people who love what they do and they do it with a smile.

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