Meet our team: Maryna, Consultant

Today we would like to introduce you to Maryna. Maryna is a consultant as part of the Alfa team, working for the Erste Bank Serbia project. Today, she shares insights from the Adastra Academy and what the first months in the company gave her both professionally and personally. Read on for the full story and get inspired with Maryna.

Maryna, when did you first join Adastra?

I joined Adastra 6 months ago, during the most difficult period of my life, and so far everything feels like I was just super lucky…. The CV, followed by a call from Dasa, our first meeting…

Can you tell us a little bit about your career background before joining us ?

When I first came here, I had already had a technical education, but with limited experience of working only in the field of logistics. Therefore, I gained all the knowledge during the internship and the Adastra Academy. This was a great way to learn the basics and gain new knowledge in all the important fields in a very interesting way, communicating with people who are masters of their craft. This was particularly inspiring for me. Also, I have made great new friends there. 🙂

How do you remember your first months at Adastra and what do you do? Can you share some details about your position, team and current projects?

My first months were thrilling, fun and full of inspiration for the future. Right now, I am a consultant and part of the Alfa team, working for the Erste Bank Serbia project. I work with tables in Power Designer, reports in Power BI, local Adastran MI tool. I am proud and grateful for this opportunity, for the huge support from every coworker and amazing moments which I live every day with the people of Adastra.

What do you like the most about Adastra and being Adastran?

The most likeable aspect of being part of Adastra are for me the kind, like-minded people, getting inspired by data and the work-rest balance. This means that my colleagues and I can rest as good as we work. We have regular activities such as paddling, skiing or just a calm rest somewhere. Whatever we do, we enjoy ourselves. I love the team-buildings at Adastra, their atmosphere and the chance to meet interesting, active and super clever people.

What do you think are the key pillars of Adastra?

In my opinion, the main pillars of Adastra are love for data, constant improvement, growth and development of the company in general and of every person separately, and a friendly atmosphere within every team.

Why you would recommend Adastra to others?

As I found out, the main things I enjoy here are people’s willingness, enthusiasm and readiness to learn new things. The experience will come with time. I hugely recommend you to join Adastra if data is not just about responsibility for you, but also about fun and play. Plus if you are ready to be a part of the most patient and friendly team, you’re half in already. 🙂

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