Meet out team: Naďa, Adastra Project Manager

Meet Naďa who has celebrated her 4 years at Adastra and who works as a project manager within data warehouse and cloud projects for various financial institutions.

What is your current position at Adastra?

I first joined Adastra in May 2018. I worked as a project manager for telecommunication companies and Slovak banks.

I currently work as a project manager within data warehouse projects for various financial institutions. My most recent project involves dealing with the DataLake in Cloud for an international bank.

Which aspect of working for Adastra do you enjoy the most?

I really appreciate the family atmosphere at Adastra, having come from a corporate background. While the lack of internal processes was challenging at first, such an approach also brings flexibility and fresh growth which I love. I don’t particularly enjoy repetitive work, so having a large variety of projects here at Adastra is extremely energizing. I am able to move from project to project, getting immersed within different project teams on regular basis. If you know what you want, are willing to learn new skills and are able to respond to a rapidly changing environment, you will absolutely love it here.

What do you think are the main pillars of Adastra?

Nelka! (our HR & Marketing Manager)

Life can be hectic. Work life, as well as our private life. I am fortunate to say that my management team has my back at all times and has been my main pillar of support throughout. Working with inspiring and enthusiastic colleagues is right there after that. Even if we get allocated to different projects, Adastra organizes a wide range of social events, where we can meet and share our experiences. Such networking is also crucial for building new working relationships. This makes delving into new projects less intimidating, as there is always at least that one person you’ve previously met rafting or sky diving.

How would you describe your first weeks at Adastra?

While I’ve always enjoyed learning new things, I didn’t have any previous knowledge of data warehouses when I first started here. Having to digest so much new information in such a short space of time felt a little overwhelming to me. However, my colleagues were incredibly supportive and patient. I felt like an important part of the team from day one, genuinely looking forward to going to the office every day. And that hasn’t changed to this day.

Why would you recommend Adastra to others?

I was able to grow as a person at Adastra. In large corporations, it can be easy to hide behind their processes or complicated company organizational structures. At Adastra, everyone is visible, whilst being an essential part of the team. If you are a technology enthusiast willing to show what you are made of and enjoy a balance of fun and responsibility, this is the place to be.