O2 cut campaign preparation by 90%

Adastra’s unified lead management has helped O2 Czech Republic reduce the time required to prepare sales campaigns to a tenth of what it was.

O2 can now process all their important leads omni-channel. All the significant information gathered during the lead’s life cycle is available in real time and in a unified reporting environment, thus streamlining campaign preparation, execution and evaluation.    

The mission was clear: a unified lead management system that would serve as a communication platform. It should effectively connect a set of leads from various channels, namely call centers, stores, direct sales, salespeople, online communications and applications, and automatically enrich them with available information. “We also addressed eliminating duplicate leads and detecting and, of course, eliminating potential fraud in a timely manner so as to keep O2 customers safe,” says Roman Soukup, Project Manager, Change Management, O2 Czech Republic, describing the start of the cooperation with Adastra.  

Lead management software helps organizations qualify, analyze and nurture inbound leads so that they can be converted into new business opportunities. “In a typical sales process, potential customers enter the lead management system from different channels. Sales-ready leads are converted into deals,” says Aleš Vokrouhlík, account manager at Adastra, who takes care of clients in retail and telco.  

“Adastra did a good job analyzing our needs for what we expected from this system solution. Thanks to ULM, we have a more digital overview of the operational situation, and we can react more quickly to our customers’ requirements and simplify their lives with TELCO services,” says Roman Soukup. “It was a complete end-to-end solution, including optimization. Among other things, AI and advanced data models for optimization also played a part,” explains Aleš Vokrouhlík.  


reduction in campaign preparation time


takes implementing a campaign with a sales planning process: previously 8 to 10 MD per month

Lead qualification: how to address customers most effectively?

Lead quality and priority are influenced by various factors – for example, the customer’s creditworthiness, the source of the event, etc. A lead generated in a bank branch may be more important than web insights, and the client may expect a call back within 24 hours.  

In practice, the unified lead management system is also assisted by predictive models. They provide the client with decision-making support. Predictive models for secondary communication channels (such as, for example, SMS, e-mail, the web) generate the probability of response and communication through the selected channel. “When routing leads, these models help to create a scenario that determines how to address the customer most effectively and which communication channel to choose,” explains Aleš Vokrouhlík. 

Business applauds, or the benefits of lead management in practice

Quick and effective lead conversion – this is the main objective of lead management. But it also has other advantages that business appreciates too. Above all, it helps build a client base. With good software, company IT can manage leads in real time and so react to them faster and more accurately. Lead management also optimizes sales channels for better interaction with potential clients, and provides them with native support in a single environment.  

Additional benefits of unified lead management:  

  • As a result of new follow-up scenarios, doubles the number of leads processed online  
  • Increases lead conversion thanks to faster and more accurate responses 
  • Can increase order value by calculating lead quality and prioritization 
  • Provides the necessary data for omni-channel marketing campaigns  
  • Helps eliminate duplicates, fraud and unsolicited offers – as a result, significantly reduces the number of “unwanted” contacts that could irritate companies 
  • Enables unification for leads and reporting tools 

The end of inefficient duplicate customer contacts

An integral part of lead management is information about a prepared offer and a call to action that corresponds to the specific communication channel. The lead is then processed by the assisted channels and automatically linked to orders. “We record all the information obtained during the lead life cycle in real time and in a unified reporting environment,” says Aleš Vokrouhlík.  

Thanks to lead management from Adastra and technology from Bloomreach, O2 has seen:    

  • An increase in the number of leads processed online,    
  • A reduction in the number of duplicate messages to customers,  
  • Smart call center management creation and revision, 
  • Personalized communication with existing customers and prospects.