Prestigious Deloitte ranking: Blindspot Solutions once again ranks among the fastest growing technology companies

Blindspot Solutions, a member of the Adastra group, has ranked among the fastest growing technology companies in Europe, the Near East, and Africa. It took 24th place in the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 500, which compares sales growth for the last four years. Blindspot Solutions has thus become the most successful Czech company operating in the software field.

Blindspot Solutions, which develops intelligent software solutions, has landed a spot in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500. The consulting firm Deloitte evaluates sales growth for the past four years for companies in the EMEA region, i.e. from Europe, the Near East, and Africa. “In the past 4 years we have grown by 4,444 percent. We deeply value our place among elite technology firms,” says the CEO and co-founder of Blindspot Solutions, Ondřej Vaněk.  

Product companies dominate the best placements in the Deloitte ranking each year. “Such success is not typical for a Czech software service company, because unlike product companies we are not as easily scalable. If a company issues 10,000 or a million cards, like this year’s winner Revolut, that doesn’t mean it needs a hundred more people. But we have been primarily a service provider until only recently. Simply said, to get ten times the revenue we need ten times the people,” explains Blindspot Solutions CTO Štěpán Kopřiva.

Until 2017 Blindspot Solutions provided almost exclusively development of custom solutions using machine learning. Since 2017 its specialists are also intensively developing their own products. “As a result Blindspot Solutions can implement artificial intelligence for clients throughout the world far faster and also with more added value,” says Ivo Mareček, Director of Marketing for Adastra. 

The developers from Blindspot Solutions are now distributing their own product, Macula – a general platform for advanced video analytics. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the platform has been enhanced with a module detecting persons in shops, banks, or other service locations without masks. The new module can also monitor the capacity of shops and other enclosed spaces. “We are successfully implementing this technology in retail chains throughout Europe,” adds Ondřej Vaněk from Blindspot Solutions.

In the field of digitization, the company is developing the platform, which automatically classes and generates responses to incoming e-mails and text messages. And in the area of innovation, developers from Blindspot Solutions are helping clients build their AI strategies, which they then successfully implement. 

Ondřej Vaněk and Štěpán Kopřiva anticipate that demand for their solutions using artificial intelligence will only grow in upcoming years, because their added value is very high for almost every sector. One reason is the cost savings on the operations side, but also the provision of a new customer experience and a new type of service to end customers. ”These factors have a direct positive impact on the revenue and profits of any company that sets off in this direction,” add Ondřej Vaněk and Štěpán Kopřiva from Blindspot Solutions.