Radim Petratur has joined Adastra’s ranks. He will be responsible for helping companies digitalize ESG data

At Adastra, digitalization for sustainability and ESG will be in the charge of experienced manager Radim Petratur. As the new Head of Digital Transformation Driven by Sustainability and ESG, he will assist corporations with continuous automated ESG data collection.

“Automated ESG data collection, control, visualization, and general ‘on-click’ accessibility, as well as the possibility of using AI, IoT and other technologies – these are the big topics related to digitalization for sustainability. Adastra is a leader in the world of working with data, which I would like to connect with the world of sustainability, to participate in the creation of new services that will help companies make good, data-driven, strategic decisions. You can only manage what you can measure,” says Radim Petratur. 

Radim’s task will be to combine his own knowledge of ESG with the know-how in Adastra, a leader in work with data, AI and IoT. He can draw on his extensive experience at EcoEgo, where he advised organizations on sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. Previously, he worked at Multima, where he led the Operations and Business Development teams. At Avast Software (now Gen), he served as Sales Operations Manager, among others, and at Microsoft as Product Manager for Servers and Virtualization. Radim also brings experience from public administration, where he worked for many years at the Ministry of Defense and in the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic in Martin Jahn’s team.  

Radim Petratur studied economics and management at Mendel University in Brno and computer science at Masaryk University, also in Brno. He is currently studying for his PhD at the University of Chemistry and Technology (VŠCHT) in Prague.