Data integration & Power BI Reporting support saves hundreds of man-days per year for Philip Morris CZ&SK

files were sorting over manually each month

Power BI reports were redesigned

were newly developed

In 2019, Philip Morris CZ&SK sought Adastra’s assistance in data analysis, data engineering, and Power BI reporting to streamline data insights for enhanced business development, reducing their involvement in implementation tasks.

Data analysis, data engineering, and Power BI reporting. Areas in which Philip Morris CZ&SK asked Adastra for support in 2019. The goal was to provide fast and powerful data insights, so they can focus more on business development and less on data/reporting implementation tasks.

We built a professional team of Data Analysts, Data Engineers & Power BI Developers, who were constantly working on data integration & reporting tasks. And continue to do so. They support clients' BI team to dedicate more people to the customer journey, systems process mapping, to control data quality.

In the last year, more than 12 Power BI Reports were redesigned for better reading, performance & functionality. And 10 reports were newly developed; from 1-page dashboards to many-paged complex reporting solutions.

“I really appreciate the support we are getting from Adastra, their expertise helped us to deliver many new reports and insights to our business stakeholders in very fast and efficient way.“
Marek Hallér, Manager of Consumer Journey, Business and Consumer Intelligence at Philip Morris International

Time to handle company growth

Effective man-days

Employees have the time to devote to more demanding, higher value-added tasks.

Power BI reporting

It serves all levels of staff (from salesmen in the field to senior management).

Pro-client approach

Increased motivation to buy, anticipating system errors on the part of users. With that, improvement in customer experience and, therefore, satisfaction.

One source of truth for all data

For all employees across the company.

What do we do for Philip Morris CZ&SK

  • Data analysis of consumables and devices, focusing on customer segmentation.
  • DWH data modeling (Power Designer based on SQL Server data).
  • Migration of reports from Tableau and Excel to Power BI.
  • Reports development in Power BI with ongoing support and maintenance.
  • Omnichannel process optimization, customer registration, first purchase in the channel etc.
  • Optimization of existing Power BI solutions. Visual, technical and functional. Aiming to give the reports a modern look and feel, enhancing user interaction and improving functionality, thus speeding up the processing of business decisions. All that while optimizing data load and reducing servers’ sources consumption.
  • Support CZ & SK BI and business departments with data-related tasks.
  • Sharing with BI team reporting best practices, so all Power BI report creation would be based on them.

Philip Morris dashboard example

Our PMI BI Support in details

Data Migration (Philip Morris Czech Rep.)

Employees were sorting over 40 Excel files by hand. Each month. Thanks to our wide experience with BI we were ready to sort out this problem and eliminate the excessive job.


  • Over 40 resellers every month send their own Excel file with information about their sales.
  • All consolidation of files had to be done manually; some employees had to manage only that data consolidation.


  • Adastra provided a solution using the Web Upload application, which was installed for resellers.
  • It validates data inputs and then sends all data from resellers in the same format to the data warehouse, which is then available to be used for Power BI Reports.


  • Excessive jobs are eliminated.
  • Data are unified and transfers are automated.
  • This process is still running and helps the company.

Power BI Migration, Reporting & Redesign (Philip Morris Czech rep.)

Dozens of reports to create or redesign for user interaction empowering and speeding up the business decision process. With constant support and maintenance.


  • Reports with a modern look.
  • Functional and customized.
  • For provided spending, partners, employees, and customers.


  • We migrated a set of reports from Tableau and Excel to Power BI.
  • We identified some critical points in the process, raising a ticket to the global team.
  • We investigate how processes like the registration of customers and purchase work after the launch of a new CRM platform, which is a completely new architecture of systems, and the interaction between them. 
  • We helped the Czech team to understand how some of the processes work and how often the data are transferred between the systems in the process.
  • Employees have more time to spend on high-value-added tasks.

Reports were developed (or helped BI team to develop) to cover many important business tasks, for example:

Help to identify groups of customers that may indicate some system problem

For instance, when you buy a device online, it should always be linked to your profile. However, the report might indicate that it’s not always like this.

The system can analyze how big the groups of users with similar problems are if data correction is needed, whether the call center should be involved, etc.

Help to identify how much money has to be placed aside to cover future spending from the client's benefits

This was required as a part of the appearance of a loyalty program, which gives Philip Morris (PM) customers certain rewards and therefore boosts spending.

Report for partners to help them easily track their performance

It identifies how many orders of Philip Morris products were made through partners, when, in which product categories, in which cases, and whether it is the first or following purchase.

Report for referral tracking

Helps to understand how consumers use the referral code, whether they invite new members or not, and at what time it happens.

Power BI Reporting (Philip Morris Slovakia)

Providing analysis of devices, accessories, and cigarette sales with a focus on customer segmentation, voucher usage, and marketing campaign performance. Development of Power BI solutions as “nothing is impossible”.


  • Providing out-of-the-box reporting solutions, focusing on business needs.
  • A complex solution had to provide multiple views, uncovering business insights regarding promotion effectiveness.


  • Data transformation of information about Sales, Customer Segments, Promotions, Vouchers, Loyalty Club Membership, etc., into meaningful business insights.
  • Creation of custom charts according to business requirements.
  • Implementation of complex programming solutions in Power BI.

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