Adastra provided assistance to Equa bank with establishment of data warehouse (DWH) for on-line data

How do you create a data warehouse and bank reporting for a newly established bank? Would you like to know? Keep reading! Equa bank is exactly such a case.

Not only that, the bank requested some data from an online data warehouse. No small feat considering the data had to keep its consistency and be integrated in the data warehouse to provide an overall (business) picture of the clients.

New data warehouse including on-line databases for Equa bank

Equa bank, a new bank on the Czech market, asked Adastra to build them a data warehouse as the core of its bank reporting. On the one hand, we were creating a three-layer data warehouse where only the last layer caters to reporting directly while the other two layers are purely technical, to ensure:

  • Data consolidation (merging of associated data from various systems)
  • Unification (merging of identical entries from various systems into one)

On the other hand, we were also creating an on-line database with core client data, closely associated with the data warehouse.

“The project was an exciting challenge as a brand new bank was being built in a very short time.”
Jan Karban, consultant, Adastra

Who participated in the project

David Kozelka
Ředitel divize Finance

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