Reporting migration to new Enterprise Data Warehouse for Vodafone

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Adastra consultants oversaw the migration of 30 detailed commission performance reports from an Oracle data warehouse to a new Enterprise Data Warehouse from Teradata with no business interruption at Vodafone.

A complete re-implementation, including business and technical analyses, the specification and acceptance of required data marts, report query implementation and testing were delivered. A 100% data quality match with the previous solution, as guaranteed, was the final result.

The problem we had to face

Vodafone Czech Republic, one of the largest mobile operators in the Czech market, migrated all reporting to a new Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) built on Teradata technology.  Adastra participated in the migration of commission performance reports to the new EDW with the complete project entailing the definition and a set of new processes, new data flows and new technology implementation. Cooperating with EDW development streams to achieve the required structure and output quality, Adastra had to meet non-functional requirements related to top data quality in this critical reporting output. Multiple testing rounds for each report (high business-user expectancies concerning precision and thoroughness) were used to achieve this.

Our suggested solution

A functional analysis of all existing performance reports included in the scope for migration was the focus of the first three months. Subsequently, several commission-related data marts – to reduce the complexity of the performance report development – were introduced. A common definition of the so-called subscriber value, based on the amount of recurring monthly fees for tariff services, was established. Subscriber value change was widely adopted as a common measure of performance for all sales channels focusing on residential customers. We also contributed to the implementation of reporting rules for contract renewals regarding both residential and business customers.

In the implementation phase, the solution was delivered as a set of custom-built tables and procedures in the Teradata EDW focusing on managing commission rules by the responsible MI analysts in a user-friendly fashion, and, on the reliability and efficiency of data calculation, storage and exports to reporting tools. An effective development process based on a sandbox environment – allowing for the immediate redefining and testing of new commission rules and an agile release process promoting tested and verified code to a guaranteed production environment – were introduced.

In the test phase of the project, each of the delivered reports was thoroughly tested against the former solution in the previous data warehouse. Reports were compared to the details of individual sales transactions and large issues were reconciled and mitigated. The project and the entire solution was successfully handed over to the in-house delivery and maintenance teams.

What was the outcome of the project

Adastra is proud to have been a part of one of the first projects on top of the new data warehouse. By leveraging the internal quality of the EDW solution in Vodafone Czech Republic, all Vodafone reporting  now runs seamlessly on Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse courtesy of the common definition of the Vodafone subscriber value that Adastra established. Subscriber value change was widely adopted as a common measure of performance for all sales channels focusing on residential customers. We defined the commission calculation framework and architecture to adhere to commission rules and calculated data snapshots. We turned a waterfall project into a semi-agile one due to the high rate of business changes continually emerging from the project.

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