Adastra helped to develop a technological roadmap for Raiffeisen Bank International to upgrade their retail CRM.

We live at a time when we encounter the terms digitalization, automation and customer experience on daily basis. RBI decided to take a strong hold of these areas with regard to their retail CRM. Every improvement has to be preceded by an analysis if we want to determine the current status, based on which future solutions can be designed. Adastra had an opportunity to participate and you can read what the outcome was.

What the problem was


Even a technologically advanced organisation such as Raiffeisen Bank International with its banks makes a constant effort to innovate further in all areas of its operation. Adastra helped Raiffeisen to innovate the specific field of retail CRM.


The project took place within the activity called “Technological Upgrade of the Retail CRM“. Luckily, there was no need to solve any problems. Instead we worked on improving several areas of interest. In order to design continuous improvements of digital customer experience, it was necessary first of all to determine the current status of the CRM environment in each of the 13 countries, where RBI has network banks. First, we focused on the technologies of the single banks from the perspective of the CRM infrastructure, data availability and processing, usage and integration of digital and classic communication channels and campaign management tools. The second inseparable part was the business part, which focused on the overall preparation and implementation of campaign communication and customer feedback and organisation of the retail CRM organisation and related processes.

A project team consisting of professionals from RBI and Adastra was the basis for success. A second important factor was the preparation of a detailed activities plan including a visit to each country and organisation of meetings with retail, commercial and IT departments including an exhaustive and structured questionnaire. These key elements contributed to an effective management and successful completion of the whole activity.


What solutions we delivered


The final solution delivered to RBI included not only a detailed assessment of the single countries, which is for sure a highly valued document for the entire Group, but also a solution proposal with detailed design of the target architecture of the retail CRM, including recommendations of specific actions in order to achieve the goal.


How the project ended


We were successful in delivering all expected outputs of the entire program. Our recommendations led to several positive changes implemented by RBI, for example in the field of planned investments in specific DIGITAL tools, infrastructure AUTOMATION and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Our common goal is to continue to develop digital marketing and innovations not only in the CRM world.

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