Adastra Migrates Critical Reports for New Vodafone Business Model

from the original Oracle Data Warehouse to a new Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse with no business interruption

lasted the reporting migration project to a new business model

Adastra consultants ensured the migration of 24 business critical reports from the original Oracle Data Warehouse to a new Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse with no business interruption at Vodafone.

We delivered a complete re-implementation including analyses, development, testing and acceptance.

A 100% data quality match with the previous solution, as guaranteed, was the final result.

The problem we had to face

Vodafone Czech Republic optimized its business model and the subsequent new business model meant the transfer of selected activities, especially in the areas of sales, customer care, support and marketing to new business partners. This change was enabled by a set of DWH reports that covered information needs, mainly in the areas of performance KPI’s (retention, productivity, contact history, call quality, etc.) and Commissions.

Our suggested solution

Due to the original DWH decommission, it was necessary to migrate all reports into a new Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse to sustain business operations.

Unfortunately, fundamental differences in the architecture between the original and new DWH disallowed a simple transfer of required reports. Data needs for each report had to be analyzed and, consequently, the reports were redesigned and re-implemented.

The majority of reports were created in Business Objects. However, some MS Excel and QlikView reports were also migrated.

Four common BO Universes were assembled during the project:

  • Contact history
  • Call centre performance
  • Subscriber value change
  • Adjustments
“Even though the project had seemed to be quite straightforward at the very beginning, a number of challenges, especially related to the Business Objects reporting infrastructure and data quality, appeared. I appreciate the proactive approach and communication with business users that was undertaken to resolve these issues. The new reports were put into production and this enabled us to switch off the Original Data Warehouse.”
Zdeněk Martinec, Head of Management Information and Business Intelligence, Finance, Vodafone Czech Republic, a.s.

What was the outcome of the project

Adastra consultants ensured the migration of all the reports and successfully handed them over to Vodafone for operations. All reports related to Vodafone business partners were redesigned and implemented by the Adastra team for the new Teradata Data Warehouse which allowed Vodafone Czech Republic to decommission the original Oracle Data Warehouse. There was no disruption and business continuity in Vodafone in the area of reporting on the new DWH ran like clockwork.

Who participated in the project

Jiří Balcárek
Ředitel divize Telco & Retail

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