Data management

Adastra´s CRM solution implemented as a support tool for automation and more efficient campaign management at ČSOB

The project’s objective was to enhance campaign management effectiveness through automation and subsequent assessments, with the potential to expand the number of active campaigns.

A complex solution encompassing all key areas of the insurance company

An intricate solution spanning across all vital aspects of the insurance company was realized through the CRM implementation.

This comprehensive endeavor began with the establishment of a datamart, meticulously prepared to serve as the primary data reservoir for campaign initiatives. Additionally, a robust reporting system was integrated, specifically tailored for the evaluation of campaign performance.

As the project progressed into its second phase, a strategic expansion took place, focusing on enhancing the network management capabilities for both internal and external agents.

This pivotal evolution transformed the system into a multifaceted platform, uniquely equipped to automate the processing of client data. It empowered the seamless handling of client interactions, encompassing their precise addressing, comprehensive evaluation, and a meticulous examination of individual communication channels.

This integrated solution brought about a profound transformation, revolutionizing the insurance company’s operations on multiple fronts. The CRM implementation enabled the client to harness the full potential of their data, streamline their campaigns, and ensure a more personalized and efficient approach to customer interactions. The result was an elevated level of service, improved customer satisfaction, and a significant boost in overall performance.

Project benefits

Campaign planning

Distribution of tasks arising from campaigns to selected insurance agents

Feedback collection from these agents

Operational management and monitoring of campaign progress

Operational evaluation of campaign success

“Everybody sees exactly what they should and the data is protected against hackers.”

Ing. Hana Krupičková, Director of Management Support for the CSOB Insurance Company

“Everybody sees exactly what they should and the data is protected against hackers.”

Ing. Hana Krupičková, Director of Management Support for the CSOB Insurance Company

“The basis of our success and our client satisfaction is to have good information about clients and to know how to use it well. Thanks to Adastra’s help we now see our customers in the bigger picture and are able to offer them services and products that correspond to their needs.”

Ing. Hana Krupičková, Director of Management Support for the CSOB Insurance Company

Fourteen years ago we entrusted our customer data to Business Intelligence systems that Adastra helped us build

As a result, we have one data source for our customer databases which significantly helps us make all management operations more effective. At the same time, we set up a constantly running process of client unification. Our key applications are integrated with these systems, thus enabling effective client service, business activity management, fraud detection, and administrative access to data based on the principle of ‘everyone gets exactly what they need for their work’. All aspects live up to our strict security standards. And it was all possible thanks to our cooperation with Adastra.

Employees throughout the company also use the KIS system module. The key users being client center employees, the audit and risk departments, and insurance event liquidators.

Our users include insurance agents, i.e. internal and external sellers, so Adastra helped us create a KIS system module to manage them. Thanks to this application, agents have modules that provide them with up-to-date client information, while enabling them to solve business campaign tasks and tasks connected with client services (for instance, the system automatically alerts us to insurance contracts which are ending or the failure to pay insurance installments), to download the necessary information and data to manage their finances (fees, provisions), to see the current results of their work through set-up reporting, and to manage daily activities. This system is also used by managers who use it to oversee, control and evaluate effectiveness.

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