Banking – data in one place, we transfer 4 TB of data per day

We transfer data in both directions and optimize the load on banking systems

Transfers daily Adoki in both directions (to/from Big Data platform)

At the bank, we have created a Big Data platform that provides business users with streamed and batch data from various banking applications. To keep the batch data on the platform up to date, we have developed an offloading tool, called Adoki, which ensures the replication of data from the data warehouse and other banking databases and systems.

We transmit 24/7, in both directions, optimizing the burden on banking systems

Adoki provides data transfers under the constant control of a monitoring system. We optimize transfers so that they put as little strain on source systems as possible and do not affect user comfort. Runs 24/7.

On a daily basis, Adoki transfers around 4 TB of data in both directions (to / from the Big Data platform).

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