Generali Česká pojišt’ovna has significantly improved the functionality of its critical applications thanks to Dynatrace application monitoring

per day, all monitored by Dynatrace

of dashboards were implemented - for operations and development 

How do critical applications work for users? When do they slow down and why? Does the application used by sales representatives to arrange insurance run smoothly?

Thanks to Dynatrace’s Application Performance Management (APM) monitoring, Generali Česká pojišt’ovna gained a comprehensive overview of the system’s performance down to the level of individual users. The initial implementation took just a few weeks.

Thanks to Dynatrace monitoring, Generali Česká pojišt'ovna obtained detailed data down to the level of individual users

Generali Česká pojišt’ovna wanted to service its extensive sales channel from an operational point of view so that it was as accessible as possible and customers did not leave for the competition just because it could not respond to their requests promptly.

To improve its service, it decided to map its options and select a solution that would allow it to monitor how the application responds at the level of each user – primarily in the non-life insurance contract negotiation application. The existing monitoring was insufficient as it only simulated the users’ work in the application. As a result, it was not possible to get detailed data down to the individual user’s level.

Benefits of Dynatrace application monitoring in practice

Simple and fast implementation into the insurance company environment and transparent reporting

  • Very user-friendly solution for data analysis, daily work and configuration
  • Comprehensive coverage options including virtualized desktops (ability to track each end user’s application activity by name, not just as an anonymous component)
  • Existing implementation of the tool in the group to which Generali Česká pojišt’ovna belongs and the related architectural compatibility with the concept of application monitoring of the entire group 
  • Simple processed dashboards that can be used as reporting output for management

Long system responses have been eliminated thanks to Dynatrace monitoring

The risk of unavailability of applications was also minimized

  • Accurate overview of the number of users in the application and their activity
  • Automatic alerts when critical processes in the application (e.g. finding a client, working with a contract, printing, etc.) are broken or slowed down 
  • Objective metrics on application usage for daily work and identification of bottlenecks
  • Evolution of user activity over the day
  • Clear reports also available from a business perspective (negotiation process)
“With the application monitoring solution, we as IT have become a true partner to our business customers. We have a detailed overview of the running of our key business application. As a result, we are more efficient, we know when problems occur in the application and when they stop. We also have a better understanding of the functionality of key business processes.”
Pavel Beránek, Senior Manager (IT Operations), Generali Česká pojišťovna

Who participated in the project

Jiří Kurejko
Managing Consultant

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