Cetelem implemented Campaign Management solution which increased the company´s effi­ciency of the marketing campaigns´ targeting

Cetelem cooperates with Adastra

By implementing the Campaign Management application, Cetelem secured a user-friendly tool which enables more efficient communication with its clients. Together with customer data mining models, it allows the company to target its campaigns better, as evidenced by the growing response curve of its target customer.

Campaign management helps Cetelem to better communicate with customers and respond quickly to market changes

The entire solution has been designed to best fit the existing architecture; for instance, outputs are linked to the central accounting system or to the Call Centre where operators have detailed knowledge of previous exchanges of communication with clients. All information about the campaigns is stored in a data warehouse, which consequently allows Cetelem to evaluate feedback of its success and compare similar campaigns over different time periods.

The system is regularly updated and further developed in cooperation with Adastra so that Cetelem is able to conform to the constantly changing market requirements in the best possible ways.

“The aim was to increase the efficiency of targeting in marketing campaigns, reduce costs and improve response. Previously, it was also possible to generate only one marketing campaign a day, which is why the challenge was to create a solution that would not be limited by the number of generated campaigns.”
Jaroslav Vlček, consultant, Adastra

Campaign management from Adastra in practice: effective marketing campaigns, reduced costs and increased response

Solution benefits

  • Improved management and evaluation of client business communication – in the past only one campaign a day could be prepared whereas the current solution is unlimited by the number of generated campaigns
  • Client selection made easier according to the numerous user-defined criteria & parameters – marketing users make the selection themselves via the application’s grap­hic interface without requiring any IT department support
  • Efficient mailing to clients via campaigns´ various distribution channels (multichannel)
  • Campaign optimization – client is included in the campaign most suitable for him

Client satisfaction is at the forefront of all activities of Cetelem company, which goes for the marketing strategy and communication with clients as well. For the administration, management and implementation of our marketing strategy we use a comprehensive CRM solution which we developed in cooperation with Adastra. This allows us to prepare, deliver across all communication channels and present clients only with those offers that best suit their current needs. On daily basis, we distribute almost a hundred marketing campaigns using direct mail, SMS, e-mail, telemarketing, TransPromo, client zones and CTI.

  • Advanced segmentation based on data mining methods – today, apart from blanket advertising, Cetelem defines campaigns aimed at very narrow and specific customer target groups, ranging from a handful to hundreds of addressees
  • Regular and simple/transparent campaign evaluation
  • Client communication history – monitoring of all communication with the client. Information is available to other systems as well, such as CTI where it is possible to access and filter records of previous communication with the client (including previews of sent e-mails, SMS´s, listings etc.) during the call.
  • No IT support necessary; everyday operations are managed by the marketing department itself

By getting to know the client’s needs and with the use of predictive models, which we implemented with the help of Adastra, we are able to identify in a timely manner both potential opportunity to cross-sell and the threat of client´s departure, and react adequately.

“Despite unfavorable economic conditions and sluggish consumer credit market, Cetelem is growing, and Adastra has been helping us with that for more than 12 years now.”
Václav Horák, general manager, Cetelem

Who participated in the project

David Kaláb
Ředitel divize Government, Utility & Insurance

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