Dôvera Insurance Company: we reduced response time for troubleshooting and streamlined application operations with Dynatrace application monitoring

In application outages, insurance companies quickly identify the problem and find out how many users it affects.

They can respond to the issue immediately-reducing response time to a minimum.

Dynatrace provides quality reporting of all incidents.

Know about application problems before a disgruntled client alerts you to them? That’s precisely what Dynatrace application monitoring helped Dôvera a.s. – health insurance company – do. Thanks to it, the insurance company has significantly improved the customer experience of its insured.

Quickly find the cause of the problem


Full availability of applications at all times is one of the main tasks of the application and service support department of the IT department of the insurance company Dôvera.

If application performance falls below established metrics or fails, it is necessary to react quickly, identify the cause and reduce the response time to a minimum during the actual resolution.

Dôvera Insurance Company needed to augment application monitoring with a tool that would be able to find the cause of the problem and its extent.

In addition, the client required quality reporting of all events.


Dynatrace is a leader in application monitoring


Health insurance company Dôvera a.s. decided to implement the Dynatrace APM application tool. Gartner rates the tool as a leader in Application Performance Monitoring, which contributed to the decision.

Dynatrace provides a comprehensive overview of the client’s applications, identifies problems, and looks for their causes.


Dynatrace provides detail down to the user level


  • Provides detailed data down to the level of the specific individual user and his/her activities within the application.
  • Clear dashboards that the client uses as reporting for their other business.


How has the insurance company improved the customer experience with Dynatrace’s application monitoring?


The Dynatrace APM tool was deployed to the client’s Employer Electronic Portal in Q1 2021. Once the monitored parameters have been debugged, IT support teams receive automatic alerts for any anomalies, malfunctions or slowdowns in processes, always with detailed identification of the cause.

As a result, the insurance company knows about application problems long before its clients start alerting it. 

Based on the data collected, the insurance company was able to optimize the functionality of the applications. For example, it creates clear dashboards by individual metrics and can generate full reporting from the monitored data.


Dynatrace in a nutshell


  • Accelerating processes at each level of support
  • Saves time in troubleshooting – eliminates discussions between developers and operations
  • Accurate overview of the number of users in the application and detailed reporting of their activity
  • Detailed overview of technical and network metrics (e.g. RAM consumption, CPU, etc.)


“Visually and functionally very well managed, Dynatrace covers all the needs to control our application traffic and react quickly and efficiently when needed.”
Ing. Martin Fojtik, Director of IT, Dôvera ZP

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