Equa Bank clients were fully migrated to Raiffeisenbank in 12 hours

hours instead of 3 weeks – shorter live migration thanks to 10 months of testing and agile development

subjects to migrate

people - each with 200 attributes, added to Raiffeisenbank’s client base after the acquisition of Equa Bank

When Equa Bank was being merged into Raiffeisenbank in November 2022, we handled the migration of Equa Bank’s client data into Raiffeisenbank’s CRM system. We also ensured the client master data was propagated to the bank’s core systems.  

We cooperated on defining the business rules for the migration process.

We connected subjects from Equa Bank with an existing master record in Raiffeisenbank or created a new one that was then copied into Raiffeisenbank’s other core systems.

We developed and designed the complete migration process, which resulted in a seamless merger of the two client bases into one.

Up to 450,000 people, each with almost 200 attributes, have been added to Raiffeisenbank’s client base.

The consolidated and unified data in the new client base offer a reliable foundation for Raiffeisenbank’s regulatory reporting to Czech and European authorities. This is more complex compared with Equa Bank’s reporting, so the requirements for data accuracy were high.

10 months of testing and agile development shortened the live migration of client data from 3 weeks to 12 hours

  • Defining the rules and development of the migration process was done without any knowledge of Equa Bank’s production client data. This was extremely challenging, as it was, to a certain extent, a blind implementation.
  • We then spent 7 months migrating and updating data in parallel in Raiffeisenbank’s systems so that Raiffeisenbank bankers could also work with Equa Bank clients.  
  • We held 5 dress rehearsals over 10 months to practice the migration. During each of these sessions, we had to update the base and identify attribute-level details that could obstruct the final large migration of products.  
  • Thanks to thorough testing and optimization, we were able to shorten the actual migration of client data from Equa Bank into Raiffeisenbank’s systems from the original 3 weeks to 12 hours. 

18 months

were spent preparing the migration process

The unique approach

involved 6 months of updating data in both banks’ systems in parallel

200 attributes

on average, were migrated for each individual client

“Raiffeisenbank successfully acquired Equa Bank and fully integrated it under the Raiffeisenbank brand. Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of the Adastra team, combining the data from the two client bases went smoothly and according to plan. Adastra also ensured continuous regulatory reporting throughout the course of the acquisition. Adastra once again confirmed their professionalism and expertise in data migration and working with data in general. I very much value our partnership and hope it will continue in the future. It is a pleasure to work with such pros.”
Miloš Matula, COO and Member of the Board of Directors of Raiffeisenbank

Phases of the client data migration process implemented by Adastra

Definition of the business rules

In cooperation with the bank’s business departments, we defined the business rules for the data migration. These related primarily to prioritizing attributes for merged clients so that, after the merger, we would have the best possible client records.

Creation of the master record

We defined which data to transfer from which systems and where to in Raiffeisenbank’s systems, including the “golden/master record” – i.e., the exact formats and structures of the data to be transferred.

Testing client data migrations

Over a period of 10 months, we continuously migrated client data in several phases as part of a testing program. We evaluated the data migrations and, based on the results and in cooperation with both banks, we adjusted the business rules set in the first phase of the project.

Data cleansing

At the same time, the input data were cleansed so that the banks would be working with client data of the highest possible quality in the new, joint data warehouse. We used the Ataccama MDC platform.

Regulatory reporting

The unified data were propagated to regulatory reporting. Raiffeisenbank had to report as a single entity from January 2022. We also participated in combining Czech and EU regulatory reporting, as Equa Bank reported under Czech legislation and Raiffeisenbank reports according to EU legislation.

Timeline of the process of merging the Equa Bank and Raiffeisenbank client bases

This process was repeated and improved with each cycle.

Development was initially “blind”, without real client data. We automated testing of the migration process as much as possible due to the huge volumes of data.

In the last 6 months, we processed live client data – we maintained all changes in the data in parallel in both client bases, in the original Equa Bank system and in the joint Raiffeisenbank CRM system.

The live migration of client data into a single system took place over the weekend of 12-13 November 2022 within 12 hours.  


in 6 months, clients’ birth numbers changed

6 clients

changed gender between March and November 2022

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Equa Bank clients were fully migrated to Raiffeisenbank in 12 hours

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