Internet provider – a Big Data platform with a capacity of 3 PB, built in 3 months

it took us to build and operate a Big Data solution

of initial platform capacity

We built a Big Data platform for storing operational network data for a major Czech internet provider. The goal was to deliver a solution that is not tied to a specific hardware manufacturer or server type, and was also an excellent basis for follow-up activities and development. A complete reporting layer can be effectively built on the stored data and the information can be made available and visualized to end users.

3 PB of initial platform capacity, 300 compute threads, 2.5 TB RAM

In 3 months, we built and released the Big Data solution, which enables scaling of computing power and easy expansion of disk capacity according to future customer needs. The platform’s initial storage capacity is close to 1 PB, it handles 300 compute threads and has 2.5 TB of RAM. Real data flows are in the tens of billions a day.

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