Store digitization started the journey towards zero-paper retail

Slovak Telekom wanted to digitalize their stores, innovate and replace piles of paper, improve customer experience. And all this with one single device that facilitates customer interactions. The tablet can completely replace paper catalogs, the display offers prepared by agents, or those already calculated, propose Next Best Action.

This cost-effective solution for store digitalization is GDPR compliant and lets sales representatives make notes. It was a great example of how to link retail stores with the digital era and created a good basis for the way to zero-paper retail.

Case Studies

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Czech companies are still getting used to generative AI. They are afraid primarily of inaccuracies in the information generated and loss of company data 

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Radim Petratur has joined Adastra’s ranks. He will be responsible for helping companies digitalize ESG data

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O2 cut campaign preparation by 90%

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