Strategic sales planning at ŠKODA AUTO: more efficient, faster, and more accurate

of entries are processed in minutes

of work spent checking the plan’s consistency are replaced with a single click

For several years, we have been helping many companies from various industries, including car manufacturer ŠKODA AUTO, run their entire planning process smoothly.

Using Adastra’s planning platform, which is built on cutting-edge IT technology, the company can plan an entirely new car model or any other product without having to deal with the lengthy process of preparing hundreds of documents you do not have readily available.

A platform for preparing a minutely detailed strategic plan

In cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO, we have built a sales planning system that collects information from several different company departments on, for example, planned products, sales volumes by sales region, categorizations of different product types, aggregates and equipment levels, and more.

The collected data are imported into an application that, using a corresponding software environment, creates mechanisms to ensure the quality and consistency of the plan as a whole with hundreds of different sales and production estimates. This allows the carmaker to plan faster, more efficiently and extremely accurately far in advance.

ŠKODA AUTO, for whom we custom-built this planning platform and software environment, particularly appreciate: 

  • centralized functions in a user-friendly environment,
  • faster volume-plan processing and approval,
  • minimized manual activities and errors in plan preparation,
  • consistency throughout the entire planning process.

Thousands of requests

Adastra’s planning platform can optimally integrate thousands of requests from different divisions and departments into the production plan.

Dozens of estimates

Dozens of different sales and production estimates go into the sales plan.

A couple of people

It just takes a couple of people to operate this solution; there is no need for large planning departments.

The application covers three main areas that are central to sales management and planning:

1. It consolidates volume inputs for product planning 

  • Collecting volume inputs from sales regions
  • Merging them with a centrally prepared plan

2. It monitors security and plan consistency

  • Securing sensitive data to ensure that only an authorized person can access them
  • Checking that planned volumes agree with a predefined set of hundreds of planning estimates

3. It carries out planning and assessment

  • Providing data for downstream processes for production planning, accounting and consolidating financial calculations of CO2 emissions, etc.
  • Implementing transparent reporting that provides a general overview as well as insight into every minute detail

With our know-how, cutting-edge technology and comprehensive platform, you can combine things that were previously unimaginable, and prepare thorough and detailed plans in just a matter of days.


We have been working for companies in the automotive industry for more than 13 years

5 years

For the last 5 years we have also been involved in strategic sales planning


The sales planning process comprises requirements from the more than 100 markets where ŠKODA AUTO sells cars

“With Adastra’s sales planning platform, our strategic planning is no longer a stressful annual marathon but a sophisticated process firmly grounded in unique data and consistency checks that minimize errors and make preparation as efficient as possible.”
Jan Týřl, Project Manager, ŠKODA AUTO

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