O2 Czech Republic has reduced inefficient duplicate communication with their customers

cost saving

uptime and availability

service, support and incident resolution

O2 Czech Republic needed a unified lead management system to serve as a targeted communication platform that would effectively connect a group of leads across multiple channels (call centres, sales, direct sales, salespeople, online communication and applications) and automatically enrich them with available information. They also addressed the elimination of duplicate leads and early detection and elimination of potential fraud to keep O2 customers safe.  

The unified lead management from Adastra, supported by Bloomreach, brought about the following benefits:

  • increased number of leads processed online,  
  • reduced number of duplicate contacts towards customers,  
  • created/updated smart call center management,  
  • personalised communication with customers and non-customers alike.  

Thanks to unified lead management, all important leads are now processed omni-channel. All information gathered during the lead lifecycle is available in real-time and in a unified reporting environment, streamlining time for campaign preparation, execution and evaluation. 

“We value our collaboration with ADASTRA on the lead management project. Their system solution was able to meet our expectations and accurately analyse our needs. The team that was assigned to the project was highly professional in their approach and did their utmost best to achieve successful results. Thanks to the unified lead management system, we have a better digital overview of the traffic situation and can respond to the demands of our customers faster, as well as make their lives easier thanks to TELCO services.”
Roman Soukup, Project Manager, Change management, O2 Czech Republic

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