Kooperativa and ČPP built a new data warehouse with Adastra while maintaining business continuity

In a record time of 17 months, insurance companies Kooperativa and ČPP built a new data warehouse with Adastra. While maintaining business continuity, they...

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Jiří Kurejko, Adastra

People stopped reporting incidents, and the app sped up by 50%. We point to the exact piece of code that doesn’t work

Application monitoring can deal with problems that occasionally occur, for example, in banking applications. "Thanks to it, we can see how long, what and...

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How the quality of IT services can impact your business

Avoid all errors that prolong your IT department's response to the needs of your company. And cost you a fortune on KPIs. How? With...

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Quality award for Dynatrace

Looking for a reliable application monitoring solution? Not sure which of the many platforms and applications to choose? We have been working in the...

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Companies that make data-driven decisions are significantly more successful in acquiring customers

Most companies today still make key decisions based on the intuition or experience of their managers. Yet making decisions based on hard data is...

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Current trends in APM (Application Performance Monitoring)

What do you get when you combine application monitoring with artificial intelligence? Dynatrace. You can find outages and software bugs instantly, evaluate millions of...

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