Manufacturing process optimization decreased CO2 emissions and shipment costs by 20%

A large manufacturer needed to decrease overall costs related to the delivery of the goods from suppliers to the manufacturing plant. We customized and integrated our...

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How ŠKODA AUTO maximizes the loading capacity of shipping containers and saves 160 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

ŠKODA AUTO is constantly improving its products and customer services. It does not lag even with increasing efficiency and optimizing processes, including those in...

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Jakub Novák, ŠKODA AUTO

Jakub Novák (ŠKODA AUTO): Thanks to OPTIKON, we know how to optimize container loads to save resources and avoid expensive air transport within a minute

Where human brains are no longer enough, artificial intelligence will help with the logistics of the pallet. "The algorithm can take into account a...

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Štěpán Kopřiva, Blindspot Solutions, Adastra Group

Štěpán Kopřiva (Blindspot Solutions): When a person reports being quarantined in the morning, we can reschedule shifts in seconds thanks to artificial intelligence

Although AI is slower to take hold in the Czech Republic, progressive companies are already seeing the first benefits and returns. And they are...

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