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It takes just a few months, and your business could have unlimited possibilities for growth. Thanks to cloud data platform. Take inspiration from dozens of our clients from the Czech Republic and abroad.


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Survey: up to 60% of our clients use more than a hundred (!) data systems

And that’s why they transitioned to the cloud with Adastra.

Get innovative solution to optimize your operational infrastructure and business processes. Always with long-term sustainability in mind.

So every new acquisition becomes part of your data pool almost immediately. Data for each new client will be in one place. Secure, error-free, and available to all with one version of the truth.

We deliver solutions from design through prototyping to production deployment, testing, and maintenance.

  • Conceptualization
  • Evaluation
  • Solution design
  • Implementation
  • Data lakes operation
  • Data warehouse system


of clients and international projects


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certified specialists

“We chose Adastra because we recognise a partner in it. That not only knows the data, but also has a human and informal style of work. As we do.”

Václav Dorazil, Head of Data Services, Eurowag

"We don't have the data"

Almost every sales, marketing, and finance director has heard this response from IT department. In times when they did not have a cloud-based data platform. Take a look at our clients' old practices. Maybe you will recognize your company too in those examples.

Half of the companies we surveyed have already a plan to move to the cloud data platform. How about you?

With Adastra, you get a fully functional cloud solution. Whatever your initial conditions are

LEVEL 1: Your infrastructure is on-premise, you don’t have a cloud but you are considering it.

LEVEL 2: You have a sandbox, a few isolated cloud services, minimal automation, prototyping.

LEVEL 3: You use a hybrid cloud, have some applications, opportunistic “lift & shift”.

LEVEL 4: You use the cloud, including cloud governance and strategy, “stateless” architecture.

LEVEL 5: You have a fully functional cloud environment with continuous optimization, multi-cloud, fully managed cloud risks.

“You can start with a basic solution and continue to scale up and up to huge dimensions without having to change the architecture. And you can’t do that with on-premise.”

David Kaláb, Government, Utility & Insurance Division Director, Adastra

Our cloud data platform for Eurowag won the best data solution of 2022

The Adastra project for Eurowag started with a data strategy, followed by migration to the cloud, the basics of data analytics for vehicles, the fundamentals of corporate reporting, and data lake. And ended with the prestigious award for the best data platform.

A data lake platform in the cloud within one year

How to successfully convert 9 source systems, 12 databases, and over 1000 tables in 12 months?

From a certain size onwards, today companies can’t avoid the cloud. The company’s future operations and competitiveness depend on it. This was the reason for Eurowag too, one of the largest providers of freight and road transport solutions in Europe.

Our challenge was: 

  • Design, validate, and implement a company-wide data architecture.
  • Provide a new data platform environment in the cloud.
  • Migrate the original on-premise solution.
  • Launch personalized analytics.
  • Implement new Enterprise Level KPI reporting.
  • Optimize data management processes.

And the result?

  • Rapid migration of the current solution to maintain continuity.
  • Complete revision and re-implementation of data models.
  • Simplification and streamlining of corporate reporting to support data democratization.
  • Analysis of data quality issues and implementation of a data governance program.
More about the winning solution

“Where are we now? We have everything in the cloud, we can scale, and we can do everything accurately “on-click”. I feel like Eurowag has moved forward technologically by about 15 years. Only a year after migrating to the cloud.”

Václav Dorazil, Head of Data, Eurowag

Cloud services from A to Z

Data analysis in the cloud

  • Data warehouses
  • Data lakes
  • Data analytics platforms
  • Business intelligence


Advanced data analytics in the cloud

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Feature Store


Cloud and IoT

  • Storing IoT data in the cloud
  • Data centralized and available at any time


Anonymisation framework

  • Extensive customer data analysis
  • Configuration and deployment of a custom anonymization framework


Cloud infrastructure

  • Networking
  • Monitoring
  • Identity and security management
  • Cost management
  • DevOps
  • CI/CD

Cloud application development

  • PaaS
  • Containers
  • Database modernization

Business Intelligence in the cloud

The cloud is the ideal platform for Business Intelligence applications with data from all devices.

Migration of data platforms and applications

Our most frequent product solutions

Data transfer and replication

with the Adoki data integration platform:


Data Flow Generation/ETL

leveraging metadata with MetaCroc:


Migration to the cloud

with DWH Frameworkem:


6 reasons why our clients choose the cloud

Quick deployment

“It standardises, speeds up and cheapens development. Including updates.”

Smooth transition

“We migrated billions of data, hundreds of excels and databases without limiting our business or clients.”

Fully auditable

“It is a solution to help you compete. For businesses of any size, industry or location.”

Security and availability

“All data, even client’s data, are tightly secured. Yet always within reach.”

Lower IT costs

“We have easier and more efficient cost planning. And easier scalability.”

Certainty in cash flow

“We improved company’s cash flow. You only pay for what you need.”

What is essential for a successful data strategy?


Have a long-term vision and goal. Don’t do anything randomly.

True data

Create data models with a single point of truth.


Invest in quality, it will pay off.


Have fun. It doesn’t just have to be work, it can be fun.

One team

Focus on technology, but also collaborate with the business.

Tips and tricks from practice: How to build a data platform in the cloud (workshop video)

How to get to the cloud efficiently? Go the lift & shift route or choose to move data and applications incrementally? And what if you fall into the vendor lock trap?

  • Find out which path our clients Eurowag and Česká spořitelna chose and why.
  • What they had to overcome on their way to a functional hybrid or pure cloud data platform and how they managed to implement a cloud solution in their company.
  • What all needs to be included in the cost of comparing on-premise and cloud and how to quickly recognize that you are going down a blind path.
  • What is the outlook for the coming years when it comes to cloud.

Watch the recording of the workshop (1,5 h) that took place in May 2023 in Adastra.

Teamwork is crucial, says Václav Dorazil from Eurowag

Crucial for the successful completion of the project. However, few internal IT systems are strong enough to keep communication completely transparent so that everyone in the company knows what is happening and what the next steps are.

Adastra, as an implementation partner, helped Eurowag through the challenging changes throughout the project. You can hear the full story of the joint project in the workshop recording above.

Certifications and partnerships

cloudera_col – upraveno
teradata_col – upraveno

Case studies

Data integration & Power BI Reporting support saves hundreds of man-days per year for Philip Morris CZ&SK

In 2019, Philip Morris CZ&SK sought Adastra’s assistance in data analysis, data engineering, and Power BI reporting to streamline data insights for enhanced business development, reducing their involvement in implementation tasks.

files were sorting over manually each month

Power BI reports were redesigned

were newly developed

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Data management

Adastra´s CRM solution implemented as a support tool for automation and more efficient campaign management at ČSOB

The project’s objective was to enhance campaign management effectiveness through automation and subsequent assessments, with the potential to expand the number of active campaigns.

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