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Protect customer data in your Cloud. We’ve tested our solutions to anonymize personally identifiable data on millions of records.

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Data protection in the Cloud

Clouds offer a cost-effective, scalable and innovative way to store data. Many companies are still hesitant about sending sensitive customer data to the Cloud due to privacy concerns. However loss of control over personally identifiable information (PII) can be prevented.

You can integrate PII Data Protector with the Bloomreach (formerly Exponea) Customer Data & Experience platform, or with any public Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP…).

The platform offers a centralized service for anonymizing and deanonymizing different types of personal data. Two methods are available:

  • tokenization
  • encryption

Both methods ensure that personal data is anonymized in the Cloud, while the company’s systems and communication channels work with the raw and complete data.

A browser plug-in provides to authorized internal users automatic translation of encrypted data into readable form.

Customer data or other personal data is modified into an unreadable form

Validated on large volumes of data (millions of records)

Minimal impact on users and none on systems

In line with the microservices architecture

Tokenization or encryption

Data tokenization is the process of replacing a sensitive data element with its equivalent (token), which has no external or exploitable meaning or value.

A token is a reference (identifier) that maps back to sensitive data through a tokenization system.

Data encryption converts data into another form or code so that only those with access to the secret key (decryption key) or password can read it.

PII Data Protector benefits

In the event of an external security breach, the original value cannot be retrieved without access to the token tables or encryption key. Validated at high volumes of millions of records, the solution supports both batch and transactional data flow.

It has minimal impact on the user – a web browser add-on is available that automatically converts encrypted data into readable form on the client side. It has no impact on the company’s internal systems and communication channels. It is consistent with the microservices architecture.

PII Data Protector has a graphical user interface for manual data encryption and decryption.

Case studies

Eurowag built a data lake in the cloud in under a year

  • Sales, customers and the financial statements for completed acquisitions are immediately integrated into reports to the stock exchange.
  • As soon as a new client service is launched, the key indicators can be analyzed right away.
  • Product and service offers for partners are optimized according to current truck movements and traffic on the major European routes.
  • Personalized analytics shift focus from the general customer to the needs of a specific role (Dispatcher, Driver, Accountant) or even to the level of individual trucks.

All this is now possible at Eurowag thanks to a new data platform and solution in the cloud.  

source systems  


databases incorporated into a single data lakehouse

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