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Get the competitive advantage hidden in your data. Innovative analytics make it easy to turn data into valuable insights.

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Data analysis for smarter marketing and sales strategies

Companies across industries are gaining competitive advantage by using data analytics and data visualization. Adastra will help you not only with data acquisition, but also with secure storage and analysis. Our reporting solutions, data science or data analysis products are among the best on the market.

Accurate data

Quick and reality based data that makes it easy to make effective action.


Secure use of data for basic and advanced/predictive analytics.

Easy control and management

Data accessible from one friendly user interface with different levels of control.

Customized solution

Visualization of trends, relationships, including the possibility of creating your own solutions (Self Service BI).

Data Integration

A comprehensive overview thanks to integrated data sources.


Tailor-made operational reporting based on own notification criteria.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Every user receives the necessary information on time, in a format that is easy to navigate and on any device.

Power BI

Our team of highly experienced consultants can integrate, transform and visualize your data in the most effective way. Get answers, not just data.

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Self-service BI

Work with up-to-date information on website visits, mobile banking usage, sales, orders, inventory or production? Modern visualization technologies brings a variety of graphic representations of data.

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Other BI solutions

FinReCo: Data warehouse for reporting

A pre-built data warehouse with a reporting superstructure for finance, suitable for medium and large corporations with managerial and/or statutory financial consolidation.

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Disclosure Management

Disclosure Management handles the process of publishing financial statements, reports and presentations, including all annual reports, both internally and externally.

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Dynatrace: application monitoring

The market leader in APM (Application Performance Monitoring). Adastra brings this unique intelligence software platform to the domestic market.

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Data Science, Planning & Budgeting

Data science and advanced analytics

Machine learning algorithms can detect manufacturing bottlenecks or unfair client behaviour. Entrust your data to our care and get high-quality key information for your business.

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CoDET: Enrich your internal data with external sources

We connect your existing data with external data and prepare leads for effective business communication with your corporate (potential) customers.

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Planning, budgeting, forecasting

Does your preparation of regular planning outputs takes several days or weeks? There is a better way to financial planning, whether you want to improve cash flow planning or financial consolidation.

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Case studies

Automatic categorization for 98.5% of card transactions

With millions of clients conducting millions of operations every day, the bank needed to automatically assign a unique category to every banking transaction (card as well as non-card).

That’s why we developed an application that consolidates all types of categories into one structure, i.e., a single categorization tree.

increase of categories assigned to card transactions

the accuracy of categorization for card operations has increased

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Just-in-time loan offers: a 10x higher conversion rate

Together with the bank, we used several years’ worth of transaction descriptions and a number of transactions of a specific type to identify a...

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An increase in impressions among the target group: a 10x bigger target group

Online advertisers want to target their campaigns accurately and reach the right audiences. Consequently, online media operators have turned to Adastra to help them...

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CRM system integration for more complex reports, sensitive data anonymizing

For one large automotive company, we have improved the data quality of customer data, integrated individual CRM modules into a unified data solution, and...

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Get inspired on our blog

Adastra becomes a strategic partner of Škoda Auto University. Its specialists will teach data management, data science, and artificial intelligence courses

Adastra becomes a long-term strategic partner of Škoda Auto University. Its experts will be involved in teaching data management, data science, and artificial intelligence...

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Good data management and the gap between IT and business are the most burning issues for large Czech companies 

Large Czech companies consider the biggest challenge they will face in the next three years to be good data management and business’ inability to...

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