Keep your software ecosystems running smoothly – from application and infrastructure monitoring to digital environments and security.

With the market leader in observability, the Dynatrace platform, you get lower error rates, higher speed, and detailed insight into the behavior of your applications.

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With the all-in-one Dynatrace solution, your IT department, and DevOps teams will gain not only an overview of your applications but also additional information about the infrastructure, platform, and customer experience that these applications support and depend upon.

Dynatrace is repeatedly ranked in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM and observability.

Adastra experts were the first in the Czech Republic to obtain the Dynatrace Professional certification


Adastra has 10 years of experience successfully implementing Dynatrace


top enterprise companies, banks, insurance companies, telco operators in the CR & SR have Adastra’s observability platform

o 90 %

Complaints and application incidents drop by 90% after deploying Dynatrace

Observability = the new trend in multicloud environment

Observability is the new standard in application monitoring for cloud-native architecture.

Taking advantage of the enormous volumes of telemetry data that are collected, Dynatrace monitors logs, metrics, events and distributed transaction logs (container monitoring), which measure the application’s state, performance and behavior.

Data collection is not, however, the most important aspect; the key is the subsequent processing using artificial intelligence (AI) and the focus placed on significant deviations from normal operation. Algorithms make it possible quickly to determine how an incident came about (root-cause analysis) and what specific behaviors or events led to it. This helps developers understand not only what’s wrong in the system – what is slow or broken – but also why the problem occurred, where it originated and what impact it made.

  • It detects outages, software bugs, unauthorized activity and service degradation.
  • It keeps you informed of application health, i.e., system state, by measuring performance and resources.
  • It helps you understand how neighboring or dependent services may influence each other.
  • It allows you to find completely new, unknown situations or incidents that have never happened before.
  • It makes it possible to identify long-term trends for capacity-planning with regard to business objectives and KPIs.

Synthetic monitoring

Synthetic monitoring (proactive monitoring) uses behavioral scripts to simulate the paths users might take when engaging with a website, application or other SW (or HW). These paths are then monitored at regular intervals for functionality, performance, availability and other criteria.

Combined with traditional APM tools, you’ll gain deeper insight into applications’ end-to-end performance regardless of where they’re running. Synthetic monitoring is most often used for critical business processes.

Synthetic monitoring provides all the information you need to determine whether your applications are performing as they should and, if they’re not, helps you rapidly identify what’s going on and take appropriate action.

Solves application problems at the code level

Your web application is just a second slower and your conversion rate drops by 7%: you can lose profit or your good reputation.

Dynatrace facilitates observability and automates root-cause analysis in even the most complex cloud architectures. This saves IT experts 80 to 90% of the time they would normally spend searching logs and metrics for errors. IT teams specializing in application development and operations can:

  • increase their efficiency by 75% 
  • accelerate the introduction of innovations by 80% 

Dynatrace works seamlessly in any business ecosystem, and is ideal for testing key applications before they go live.

Adastra has been implementing Dynatrace successfully for more than 10 years, and for more than 20 TOP companies in Czechia and Slovakia. Our customers include large enterprises, banks, insurance companies, and telecommunications providers.

Oversight of the IT ecosystem

Dynatrace makes it possible to monitor your entire IT infrastructure, including processes and networks. You can oversee protocols and display information such as overall network traffic, processor usage, response time, and so on. Your IT specialists will be able to innovate faster and solve problems proactively, rather than continuously and repeatedly analyzing logs and tags, setting up and navigating complex systems and dependencies.

  • Monitoring logs, metrics, events and apps
  • Red Hat OpenShift monitoring
  • Docker monitoring
  • Logging and monitoring – Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, etc.

Dynatrace uses observability and artificial intelligence to supervise complex enterprise systems with thousands of interconnected services, millions of lines of code, and trillions of connections.

Dynatrace benefits

you’ll work with a single solution/platform using artificial intelligence and observability

you’ll stay responsive in a rapidly changing environment

you’ll work in a fully automated manner (no manual adjustments required)

you’ll increase the team’s efficiency, as you won’t spend time analyzing logs

you’ll be able to install it quickly and automatically

you’ll acquire a security module to detect vulnerabilities

Customer satisfaction with applications increased by 22% at DPD

According to Vladimir Püschner, IT, Project & Innovation Director, DPD chose the Dynatrace observability platform to provide accurate data on how their applications and systems are performing in support of their business operations. They also appreciate the clear dashboards that are easy for the business to understand.

The company found the solution most valuable during a period when they were addressing performance issues with their own business partner, particularly concerning API slowdowns and system responsiveness. Dynatrace promptly identified the specific problem, which was swiftly resolved.

The implementation of the Dynatrace observability platform at DPD took approximately one month. Prior to deploying the platform, user satisfaction with the applications was around 70%, and now, post-deployment, it stands at around 92%.

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Rapid incident remediation

It can take months to fix a problem in a complex enterprise system. Dynatrace can do it in a matter of days.

Highly rated applications

Deploying Dynatrace reduces the number of complaints and application incidents, and increases app speed by 50%.

A proven product

Dynatrace has been a world leader in observability for 13+ years.

Better business results

Efficient and functional processes lower costs and increase performance.

Full service

We take care of implementation, integration, user training and local support. Deploy Dynatrace in just a few hours.

Effective collaboration

Across the entire company – from development to operations to business.

Dynatrace has long been a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader

The Dynatrace platform and its observability provide all the information you need to determine whether your applications are performing as they should and, if they’re not, help you quickly figure out what’s wrong.

The Davis® AI module automates root-cause analysis and discovers new unknowns in even the most complex cloud architectures.

Thanks to this and more, Dynatrace is among the best in class in observability, as evidenced by the fact that Dynatrace has been voted a leader in application monitoring and observability in the prestigious Gartner Magic Quadrant for the 13th.

Dynatrace positioned highest on Ability to execute, and placed furthest for Completeness of vision.

Key pillars of the Dynatrace platform


Manage IT operations using artificial intelligence to efficiently administer infrastructure, networks, resilience, capacity, outage-free ops, and security.

DevSecOps automation

Integrate security into development and operations to optimize compliance costs and accelerate software development.

Cloud integration

Including all the major cloud environments and platforms, Dynatrace supports over 600 technologies.

When to deploy observability?

Why is it worthwhile for banks to implement observability before launching a new online banking system? How can companies reduce the number of complaints addressed to IT regarding system function? And why do some customers have technical difficulties while others remain unaffected? Observability expert Jiří Kurejko gives us some answers in our podcast.


Government bodies should hear about a problem in an application before a citizen is forced to come to the institution in person.

Systems and applications in government bodies are more and more interconnected and automated. They exchange data with each other, even using cloud technologies. This is precisely why it’s increasingly important to have a dedicated application monitoring platform that not only monitors the infrastructure or application component or database, but simultaneously tracks the user experience of citizens and employees of various institutions and offices who use the apps.

Dynatrace hands government bodies a tool that gives them a comprehensive overview of the IT ecosystem, where problems (including potential causes) are detected before the user finds them.

Our case studies

Customer experience with apps increased by 22% at DPD

DPD, the European leader in parcel delivery, chose the observability platform Dynatrace to provide accurate data to the business about the performance of their applications and systems.

The solution proved most valuable during a time when DPD was addressing slow API and system response issues with one of their business partners. The Dynatrace platform identified a specific problem, which was swiftly resolved.

the current level of customer satisfaction with the applications

it took one month to deploy Dynatrace

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By detecting critical points before launching a new system, the bank saved 90% of time on troubleshooting

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