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Plan strategies and economic goals more efficiently and reduce process errors to a minimum. With the largest planning optimization and controlling team in Central and Eastern Europe.

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1/2 cost

of the implementation was already paid for in the first year from discovered errors

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60 experts

works directly with technology developers

We operate independently on any platform, actively seeking the optimal solution and licensing model tailored to each customer’s needs.

We design solutions with a focus on future scalability and expandability, ensuring they are easily digestible and adaptable to the company’s growth.

We have prepared planning frameworks capable of accelerating development for new customers.

A comprehensive approach to planning in 4 simple steps

Planning tools can support various business areas

Finances are just the beginning.


Key Pillars of Hybrid Project Methodology

Shortening the initial analysis/functional specification creation phase.

Designing a high-quality solution architecture based on modular principles.

Agile development through prototyping with a focus on rapid feedback acquisition.

Involving key users directly in the solution preparation process.

Conducting integration testing before the actual application launch.

1. Prepared roadmap. Implementation allows for parallelizing development while simultaneously monitoring the overall project status.
2. Feedback during implementation, with the option for partial correction of requirements.
3. Thanks to intensive user involvement, the risk of poor application reception and issues during the initial deployment is minimized.

Platform Recommendation Methodology

Our evaluation model consists of more than 40 indicators.


Available solutions are evaluated based on over 40 indicators grounded in our extensive practical experience. Each metric is selected through expert knowledge in the fields of planning and IT know-how.


The weight assigned to each metric is determined based on customer needs and priorities. Final weights are established through a combination of Adastry’s expertise and customer requirements.


The final evaluation displays scores for each functional area, and the weighted overall score indicates the most suitable tool based on customer needs.

Technologies we use for forecasting, planning and budgeting

IBM Planning Analytics: fast and flexible platform

Our customers often choose it because it is a fast, flexible, and competitive solution for planning and analysis with an excellent return on investment.

A competitive advantage over others is the availability of an identical product version for on-premises and cloud deployment.

Key features include:

  • Corporate planning systematization and budget allocation
  • Top-down and bottom-up planning
  • Suitable for corporate processes and controlling
  • What-if analyses and scenario planning
  • Automation and acceleration of business processes
  • Error reduction in corporate processes
  • Allocation of corporate resources

SAP Analytics Cloud

With SAP Analytics Cloud solution, you can seamlessly integrate analytics and planning. This is made possible through its unique integration with SAP applications, outstanding visualizations, and smooth access to diverse data sources. Particularly suitable for companies already utilizing other SAP products.

Key benefits include:

  • Automation and acceleration of business processes
  • What-if analyses and scenario planning
  • Error reduction in corporate processes
  • Allocation of corporate resources
  • Corporate planning systematization and budget allocation
  • Suitable for corporate processes and controlling

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

A cloud platform suitable for planning, budgeting, and forecasting (financial planning, strategic modeling, human resource planning, project planning, and capital planning).

Advantages include the ability to integrate the planning module with other EPM components, offering a comprehensive portfolio of tools for financial management (cost and profit management, account reconciliation, financial consolidation and closures, tax reporting, and more).

Key benefits:

  • Automation and acceleration of business processes
  • Error reduction in corporate processes
  • Allocation of corporate resources
  • What-if analyses and scenario planning
  • Corporate planning systematization and budget allocation
  • Suitable for corporate processes and controlling

Get inspired by our use cases

ŠKODA AUTO plans sales more efficiently, quickly and reliably with Adastra’s planning platform

Adastra at ŠKODA AUTO has built a comprehensive platform for preparing a strategic plan that enables the breakdown of individual plan items down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to this platform, sales plans can be forwarded for further planning and financial evaluation within a few days. A process that would take several weeks in the standard way.

“With Adastra’s sales planning platform, our strategic planning is no longer a stressful annual marathon but a sophisticated process firmly grounded in unique data and consistency checks that minimize errors and make preparation as efficient as possible.”
Jan Týřl, Project Manager, ŠKODA AUTO

We have created a prediction and planning application catering to the needs of the largest European automotive players aiming to reduce CO2 emissions

A robust planning application for hundreds of users was developed for prediction and control purposes. It covers all aspects of CO2 production management – planning production volumes and deriving the number of registrations in each country, including time-shifting, recording technical measures to reduce emissions and their impact on total emissions produced, optimizing the plan based on the mix offered and the measures applied.

Finally, individual importers have access to the application and can plan and simulate impacts within their sales countries/regions.

The planning tool is already used by 3 major car companies and is a business critical application for them. 


Forecasting vaccine demand confidently even in a ten-year horizon!

The goal of the Forecasting stream within the project was to deliver a planning solution on the IBM Planning Analytics platform, enabling the planning of vaccine demand over a ten-year horizon.

The resulting product not only consolidates all data worldwide into a central repository but also helps standardize the business process for planning these vaccines.

Key features include:

  • Support for multiple probabilistic scenarios.
  • Validation of the completeness of entered data and dynamic display and formatting based on previous user inputs.
  • Vaccine demand planning over a ten-year horizon.
  • High flexibility in setting up the planning model by the user of each country while maintaining a unified business process.
  • Integrated reporting for quick verification of planned figures.
  • The ability to pre-fill the entire model with numbers from previous plan versions.

We successfully reduced the budgeting process for a traditional Czech bank by one month

Over 100 users, ranging from economists at the central bank level to branch directors, now compile the budget more efficiently. They can present it faster and, most importantly, provide mutually aligned results.

Key outputs include:

  • Rolling Forecast
  • Reporting Profitability
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet Indicators
  • Product and Customer Statistics
Closeup side view of group of software developers working late at IT office. There are three people gathered around two dual display computers. Back lit through large office window.

In ten months, we accelerated the planning and budgeting process for a leading Czech bank and automated routine banking operations

The bank needed to streamline and, most importantly, enhance the transparency of its planning, budgeting, and forecasting process. After ten months of collaborative work, we delivered 12 functional modules covering the bank’s financial plan.

Key modules and functionalities include:

  • Market development and macro indicators
  • Models for deposits and loans
  • Top-Down preparation of the plan based on goals
  • Planning internal rates and risk indicators
  • Cost planning, including data collection from the CC level

Case studies

Platform Administration and Data Reconciliation Reporting for more than 800 users

We arranged support for more than 800 users on the Power BI platform. Our training report for report creators familiarized with the best tips for self-service development and gave them an understanding of how to connect to the data correctly.

We created a brand new reusable template for report creators, sim plyfing and improving reporting processes. Our redesign of existing reports improves users visual information, which in turn facilitites quick business decision-making and keeps the company functioning at its best.

The data models improved performance allows data to be processed fster and streamline work efficiency.

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Performance Analysis and Improvement page loading accelerated from 3 minutes to 10 seconds

We successfully helped to optimize all aspects of reporting: servers, data mining, data modeling, programming calculations, data visualizations, and storytelling. Page loading was accelerated from 3...

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Business HUB Covering the main KPIs elimination of manual reporting

We created several design options for the layout, which the customer appreciated. One of these options was selected for their reporting. We implemented business and...

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A global retail chain saved up to 60% of employee time

A global retail enterprise wanted to replace the paper-based reporting solution of internal and external thefts, slips, falls, and robberies, which was lengthy and...

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When companies digitalize their sustainability data, they save money and emissions, says Radim Petratur, ESG leader at Adastra  

ESG reporting should not be a one-off necessity – data can move companies forward, and artificial intelligence can help.

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Czech companies are still getting used to generative AI. They are afraid primarily of inaccuracies in the information generated and loss of company data 

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