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Plan strategies and economic goals more efficiently and reduce process errors to a minimum. With the largest planning optimization and controlling team in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Excel is not enough for functional corporate planning

Planning, budgeting, forecasting are the key processes of every company

They set strategic goals, what steps the company wants to achieve them in what timeframe, at what cost.

It takes into account how certain events and scenarios will affect the direction of the firm. Thus, any mistake can cost the company at least considerable financial resources.

However, regular deliverables often take months to complete, and planning is lengthy, inefficient, and has a high error rate. Excel spreadsheets cannot compete with modern data processing tools today.

Our clients’ experiences across industries – from banking to pharmaceuticals – prove it.

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Planning

We design all of our solutions to be easy to manage, easy to edit, and with company growth in mind. They make work faster and more efficient and eliminate errors that come from manual work in Excel.

You’ll get valuable data from what-if analysis and planning, plus it goes both ways.

Our 60-strong team works closely with the developers of the planning software vendors. We successfully implement the years-proven hybrid project methodology (not only) in controlling departments in Czech and foreign companies. For more than ten years.

Plan systematically and comprehensively

Allocate resources accurately and reduce process errors to a minimum.

``What if`` scenarios

You will clearly see how individual steps, events will affect the profitability of the product or cash flow.

Easy allocation of targets

Whatever your goal is, you can easily map it to products, sales, all channels and regions.

Minimum error rate

Thanks to automated data processing, the company’s goals are interwoven into all key processes.

Shorter planning cycles

Many companies take several weeks or months to prepare regular deliverables. We can fully automate it.


You have all your data clearly in one system, automatically updated.


Strategic information no longer has to circulate uncontrolled through the company in several spreadsheets.

Technologies we use for forecasting, planning and budgeting

10 years

of experience in implementing planning solutions


experts in our team

IBM Planning Analytics: fast and flexible platform

In more than a decade of helping companies improve their planning, budgeting and forecasting, we have most often developed solutions in IBM Planning Analytics (formerly IBM Cognos TM1). Unlike other planning platforms, IBM Planning Analytics provides the flexibility to model various business processes beyond standard financial planning tasks (e.g., production capacity planning or CO2 emissions management).

Our customers often choose it because it is a fast, flexible and competitive planning and analysis solution with excellent ROI. End users do not need to be data scientists or programmers to get accurate, consistent and easy-to-read planning results. A significant advantage over the competition is the availability of an identical version of the product to run on your own infrastructure and in the cloud.

  • systematization of corporate planning, budget allocation
  • top-down planning
  • bottom-up planning
  • suitable for corporate processes, controlling
  • what-if analysis and what-if planning
  • automation and acceleration of corporate processes
  • reduction of error rates in business processes
  • allocation of corporate resources

SAP Analytics Cloud

With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can combine analytics and planning. 

With unique integration with SAP applications, great visualizations and seamless access to diverse data sources. It’s especially suited for companies that already use other SAP products.

As an analytics and planning solution within the SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud supports trusted insights and integrated planning processes across the enterprise to help you make business decisions without doubt.

  • automation and acceleration of company processes
  • what-if analysis and what-if planning
  • reduction of error rates in business processes
  • allocation of corporate resources
  • systematization of corporate planning, budget allocation
  • suitable for corporate processes, controlling

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a cloud-based platform. Its strength for planning, budgeting and forecasting is the use of frameworks for different planning areas (financial planning, strategic modeling, human resource planning, project planning and capital planning).

At the same time EPM Planning allows sufficient possibilities to customize the solution to the needs of a specific customer and its specific requirements.

The advantage is also the possibility to connect the planning module with other components of EPM and offer a comprehensive portfolio of tools for financial management of the company (Profitability and Cost management, Account reconciliation, Financial consolidation and close, Narrative reporting, Tax reporting and others).

  • automation and acceleration of company processes
  • reduction of error rates in company processes
  • allocation of company resources
  • what-if analysis and what-if planning
  • systematization of corporate planning, budget allocation
  • suitable for corporate processes, controlling

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We created a brand new reusable template for report creators, sim plyfing and improving reporting processes. Our redesign of existing reports improves users visual information, which in turn facilitites quick business decision-making and keeps the company functioning at its best.

The data models improved performance allows data to be processed fster and streamline work efficiency.

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