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Do you spend weeks filling out monthly reports? Today, you don’t have to suffer the chaos of excel spreadsheets. Make it easy to sort, analyze and visualize your data and automate your monthly reporting.

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It is a normal monthly scene: a team of analysis preparing their monthly reports, extracts for regulators or reports for overseas HQ. They are in search of the „truth“ and need a golden report to unify everything.

The final report is the end result of hours and hours of manual labour by analysts who must access local databases and upload data into spreadsheets.

Faced with limited budgets for an inordinate amount of BI/DWH requests, many companies employ large teams to deal with these requests rather than automating the process and taking on larger BI projects.

It is unnecessary to ask analysts to spend two weeks pumping out monthly reporting Excel spreadsheets when a better solution is available. 

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customers trust us with projects on self-service BI platforms


Adastra implements BI reporting projects

All employees can see real-time reports and how we meet KPIs

… says Lukáš Jac, a data analyst in the component manufacturing department at ŠKODA AUTO. Listen to our podcast (in czech) or read in english) to find out, for example, how crucial it was for the reports in this case to define the assignment correctly.

Use the comprehensive spectrum of our services


  • The right BI platform choice according to the business needs
  • Business analysis
  • Strategy building for self-service BI governance
  • Transition from a legacy BI technology to the target one
  • Data warehouse architecture revision
  • Connectivity to cloud and on-premise data
  • Data modeling revision
  • Reports functionality & performance revision
  • Company template creation according to the brand book
  • Reports design & storytelling
  • Mobile reporting set up
  • ML/AI capabilities applying
  • Advanced usage of tools
  • Project management
  • Platform licensing


  • Implementation of PoC
  • Implementation of complete sets of reports
  • Custom visuals development
  • Platform implementation
  • Platform administration and maintenance
  • Full implementation project (end-to-end)

Trainings and workshops

  • Creating reports and dashboards
  • Data analysis
  • Sharing outputs
  • Option 1: on standard data and predefined scenarios
  • Option 2: on customer-selected data and predefined scenarios

Self-Service BI does not mean "no IT"

Despite “Self-Service” naming might seem like working with platform does not require IT support, the truth is quite opposite.

IT plays the main role while operating such platforms in order to provide those self-service abilities.

  • We make sure that you get unified data, “one point of truth” in data, which is essential in reporting.
  • We provide professionally designed and optimized reports, dashboards and applications for your business.
  • We set up data governance and maintain the platform.
  • We support and educate business users and data analysts.

Benefits for your business

Save time and costs

Automate your reporting and spend your resources on something more important.

Visualize and interact

Enjoy wide set of visualization and interactivity possibilities.

Unite our sources

Consolidate sources into one reusable data model.

Become self-sufficient

Get an intuitive environment for ad-hoc data analysis with minimum IT support.

Trust your data

Get rid of data inconsistency and get one point of truth.

Collaborate effectively

Easily publish and share your self-service analytical outputs.


Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your sources of data into powerful and interactive insights.

​​​Adastra has built an internal Power BI competency, which is a community of experts, having deep knowledge of this technology and actively collaborating. This strong expertise and partnership with Microsoft allow us to provide a top-level service for our customers.


years we have been building Power BI solutions


Power BI professionals in Adastra CZ


analytics solutions delivered in Power BI

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a single cloud solution for business intelligence (BI), enterprise planning, and predictive analytics. We have SAP BI competency team of experts in Adastra and partnership alliance with SAP.

Unlike other BI tools, SAC additionally can provide:

  • Analytical applications
  • Boardroom outputs for management
  • Planning and predictive capabilities
  • Native connectivity with SAP data sources and SAP Universes


SAP E2E, Integration, MDM, DWH and Storytelling specialists


years providing SAP Analytics services


analytical solutions delivered in SAP BI


Tableau is a BI platform, which supports ad-hoc analysis for the everyday user, giving everyone in the business the ability to better see and understand their data.

It drives business outcomes with fully integrated data management and governance, visual analytics and data storytelling, and collaboration.

Solutions for: 

  • Enterprise IT
  • Finance
  • Marketing Sales
  • Support and Service
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain
  • IT Analytics


ThoughtSpot is the analytics platform that enables qualified real-time decisions in search, thanks to AIIt answers questions you ask and questions you haven’t even asked. Built-in algorithms automatically detect anomalies, trends, and more. Adastra is a worldwide partner of ThoughtSpot.


  • AI: automated data analysis using advanced algorithms (SpotIQ)
  • Ability to use your own algorithms
  • Combines data from on-premise, desktop and cloud
  • Highly scalabe and customizable
  • First relational search engine and built from scratch
  • Built-in MPP database
  • Cloud (Public, Private)

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Our case studies

Data integration & Power BI Reporting support saves hundreds of man-days per year for Philip Morris CZ&SK

In 2019, Philip Morris CZ&SK sought Adastra’s assistance in data analysis, data engineering, and Power BI reporting to streamline data insights for enhanced business development, reducing their involvement in implementation tasks.

files were sorting over manually each month

Power BI reports were redesigned

were newly developed

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CRM system integration for more complex reports, sensitive data anonymizing

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Reliable Deliveries interactive and powerful dashboards, cost savings

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Platform Administration and Data Reconciliation Reporting for more than 800 users

We arranged support for more than 800 users on the Power BI platform. Our training report for report creators familiarized with the best tips...

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Adastra becomes a strategic partner of Škoda Auto University. Its specialists will teach data management, data science, and artificial intelligence courses

Adastra becomes a long-term strategic partner of Škoda Auto University. Its experts will be involved in teaching data management, data science, and artificial intelligence...

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Lukáš Jac (ŠKODA AUTO): All employees can see real-time reports and how the production meets KPIs.

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